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    SportsLuis Enrique would see "an option" to stand for election as a promise if they win the World Cup

    Luis Enrique would see “an option” to stand for election as a promise if they win the World Cup

    Luis Enrique Martinez during one of his ‘streamings’ at the World Cup in Qatar – M.TWITCH.TV/LUISENRIQUE21

    The national coach Luis Enrique Martinez joked this Monday about the possibility of having “an option” of promise if they won the World Cup in Qatar to run for president of the Government, and admitted that he prefers that his footballers “enjoy being focused and that there is an atmosphere of serenity and joking” that very strict rules.

    “It could be an option,” Luis Enrique said with a laugh during his ‘stream’ on his ‘Twitch’ channel. “I would commit that if I don’t deliver 50 percent of the things that I promise, I’ll quit, but it wouldn’t be bad,” he added.

    In this sense, the Asturian made it clear that he would like this possibility to be a more common norm. “Whoever wants to govern can be wrong, but they must fulfill at least 50 percent of what they promise. In addition, I have not yet seen any opposition party that appreciates that the Government has done something well, no matter what government it is You have to have some common sense,” he demanded.

    The man from Gijon thanked him for the “affection and respect” he experienced this Sunday on a “very special” day because it was his daughter Xana’s 13th birthday. “My family and I are eternally grateful to you and it was a pity that we couldn’t finish with a victory”, commented the coach.

    Luis Enrique admitted that for the moment he is “optimistic about what is to come” and remarked that they raised the clash against Germany “well”, that they were “close to being able to resolve it”, and that their analysis carried out this Monday was “much better” than what i expected.

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    In this sense, he indicated that in the talk there was “a little spirit” among the players that they had “lost something.” “People weren’t congratulating each other, there was a feeling that they had missed qualifying,” he said.

    “This is good because you see the level of the team and that it is not worth drawing with Germany. Our talk has been to reinforce what we did very well and correct aspects, more than polishing some ‘little things'”, he stressed, insisting that they must ” think big” in this World Cup and once again defending Unai Simon and his risks when it comes to starting the game because “if he didn’t play well with his feet he wouldn’t be the goalkeeper for the national team”.

    The national coach confirmed that Gavi did not train due to “a blow to the knee without any complications” on a day where family members could come for “a couple of hours” and where four players had to pass the anti-doping control by surprise by FIFA.

    Returning to the match with Germany, he praised both the figure of Jamal Musiala, whom he considers “very young but with a lot of quality” and who surprised him with “his ability to master technical gestures”, as well as that of his counterpart on the bench, Hansi Flick . “I especially like him because he is close and his football level is very high. As a couple, we have agreed to the final, hopefully that prediction comes true”, he highlighted with a smile, describing the support images in Barcelona and the audience that the game had on ‘La 1’. “This team transmits,” he said.

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    In addition, he admitted that he considers the World Cup as “the upper part” of the Champions League, where “the best players and teams are, and that it has a higher level than the League.” “We equate the World Cup to the ‘top’ teams of the Champions League,” he pointed out, acknowledging that there are teams “with more ‘hit'” than his, citing Brazil and France, but none better “in terms of football”, and that Among those that have surprised him is Morocco, a possible rival in the round of 16.

    “We know Japan well, they have quality, fast and dynamic players. When they are losing they are capable of pressing and they will present us with complications due to their quality, it will not be easy due to the need they may have, but we do not want to speculate, we want to win “, he explained about the Japanese team, against which continuity will be played.

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    On the other hand, Luis Enrique spoke of other well-known issues such as the economic fines that can be imposed in concentrations, “the usual ones in a soccer team” and that are doubled if one reoffends. “Whoever gets confused on game day pays double. They sting, but few people who arrive late,” he clarified. Likewise, he recalled that the mobile “cannot be used in the dining room” and that he is not overly concerned “at what time”. “I’m interested that they enjoy being focused and that there is an atmosphere of serenity and joking around,” he declared.

    The coach from Gijon also cited some of his preferences, such as Stoic philosophy, with authors such as Seneca or Marco Aurelio, or musicals. “I’m more of Victor Manuel, ‘El Ultimo de la Fila’, Manolo Garcia, Enrique Bunbury and now I listen to ‘Besmaya’ a lot,” he recounted.

    Finally, Luis Enrique confessed that he feels “super comfortable” with this facet of ‘streamer’ and does not rule out continuing to do so after the World Cup because he likes to “communicate”. “But my line is that when the national team doesn’t play I stay away and I like to live quietly and be with my family,” he said, confirming that seeing how he is going to “rest” in this facet the day after the games and that in the ‘stream’ this Tuesday will be accompanied by Joaquin Valdes, psychologist of the national team.


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