Lifestyle Love lasts four years: a new study confirms it

Love lasts four years: a new study confirms it

Love lasts four years: a new study confirms it

Does love end in the Couple relationships? Does passion run the same fate? Science has indicated yes. Every couple is different, but many times love has an expiration dateand occurs after four years.

This rule need not apply to other types of love where there is no romantic feeling, such as feeling for family, a pet, or a friend. Jose Antonio Hinojosa, professor of Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Processes at the Complutense University, has shared the reasons behind it.

“Biology found a utility in this concept of romantic love for the maintenance of the speciesto have young and take care of them”, Hinojosa said, according to what he has collected The Spanish. For this reason, the four years mentioned can be decisive in couples.

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A previous study by biological anthropologist Helen Fisher had investigated the love relationships that follow other mammalian animals. The work was published in The Journal of NIH Research nearly three decades ago.

According to the publication, the first hominids developed “a chemical mechanism designed to initiate a relationship and maintain the couple bond during the infancy of an only altricial childin a period of four years.

The parental relationship then was reduced to protect the child’s survival. It was evolution itself that ended up adapting this behavior to what it is today. Monogamy has been favored over time to the point of establishing itself as the state most accepted by society.

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This theory has seconded what Hinojosa said. Studies have indicated that people are successive monogamous beings, people who change partners every few years, time that coincides with raising children. Although it is not only necessary to pay attention to biology.

when a person falls in love the parts of the body responsible for controlling emotions are activated (thalamus, amygdala, hypothalamus, hippocampus, etc.), as pointed out by Professor Georgina Montemayor, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, to 20 minutes.

During the first years, these hormones have a fundamental role, but over time the secretion of these decreases. The reason why couples last longer has to do with the commitment to maintain a stable relationship although the passion is not so present.



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