NewsLatin AmericaLopez Obrador fuels the crisis over the presidential succession: "Whoever bets on the Morena division has no convictions"

Lopez Obrador fuels the crisis over the presidential succession: “Whoever bets on the Morena division has no convictions”

President Lopez Obrador, at a press conference this Monday at the National Palace.Sashenka Gutierrez (EFE)

The Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has put his finger on the nascent wound that hurts his party, Morena, in the struggle for the presidential succession. Far from issuing a conciliatory message, the president fueled the crisis. Without referring to the Morena senator Ricardo Monreal, who is negotiating his presidential candidacy with the opposition parties and has declared that he is evaluating leaving the party, Lopez Obrador criticized the lack of convictions of some candidates and has said that, if they want to leave Morena, They have the doors open. “Whoever bets on the division has no convictions. Whoever took a position that: ‘I didn’t go out [elegido]’, and then, using any trick, any pretext, he says: ‘There is no democracy in Morena, it’s the same, I can’t stand that’, and he leaves, well, knowing the people, I believe that the people I would say: ‘Have a good time, go on your way’”, said the president in his daily press conference.

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Monreal has insisted several times that within Morena there are no fair conditions to choose the presidential candidate, and has accused that the partisan apparatus is dedicated to propping up the aspirations of the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum. The differences between the head of the Morenista faction in the Senate and the government of Lopez Obrador have escalated to such an extent that Monreal was absent from the march led on Sunday by Lopez Obrador and in which the Morenista aspirants paraded: the Secretary of the Interior, Adan Augusto Lopez; the chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard; and Sheinbaum.

Lopez Obrador said this Monday that he will seek unity in the process of defining the presidential candidacy, which will be carried out through a survey supervised by the Morena leadership in 2023. “Who is going to decide? The people, everyone. What I am going to do is try to maintain unity. Whoever comes out in the survey, you have to support each other. Because it is not the person, the candidate, it is the project”, he said. He added that once he turns out to be a winner, he will back him up. “With clear rules, let the people decide. Once the survey is done and the one who is positioned comes out, that or that companera, and support him. Whoever comes out is the one I’m going to support, I’m not going to campaign for them, because that’s not my job, I’m just going to speak out. It was the people, it was the majority, there was no finger, they were clear rules, and it’s over, ”he said.

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The president has indicated that the applicants must be humble, accept the result and team up with the person who won the nomination. “I hope that those who do not come out [seleccionados] act responsibly and say, ‘Let’s go.’ And whoever leaves, who does not feel that he is not going to need anyone, because, once and for all, I also tell you from experience: the support of many is required, ”said Lopez Obrador.

The president has assured that he does not have a favorite candidate. He said that all those who are in the race for the candidacy represent the guarantee that his political project will continue. “I am very satisfied, because those who can relieve me, replace me, in a democratic way, are all very good. We are not the same, but we do identify with the project. Of those who have the possibility of being candidates in our movement, any of them guarantees continuity with change. That also makes me very happy ”, he said.

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