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    Lopez Obrador defends the mobilization of his bases in the face of criticism from the opposition

    The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has defended the citizen mobilization that he led on Sunday – called people’s march– as a strategy to unify supporters of your project. “This march was because it is four years [de gobierno], and people wanted to express it. They talk about it every day in the market, at school, on trucks, on the subway, in the park, it’s a topic everywhere, but since they are opinions that are given in isolation, and since there is interest from to monopolize the information, to monopolize the media to report only what is convenient for our adversaries, then it is important to fight, to be encouraged, to reaffirm the conviction”, he said in his daily conference at the National Palace. Opposition party leaders have criticized the massive demonstration, which brought together 1.2 million people, according to figures from the Mexico City government.

    Hundreds of people were transferred from several States in trucks and vans, which was considered haulage, a common practice in Mexican politics that consists of mobilizing people based on promises or coercion. “The #MarchaDelAcarreo is just like its fourth-class government: completely disorganized, people threatened and who don’t know what they’re doing there, shoving, pulling, zero results, pure waste and diversion of public resources,” PAN leader Marko posted on Twitter. Cuts.

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    Former President Felipe Calderon, a member of the same party, said that Lopez Obrador behaved more like the leader of a political party. “Today the presidency ended. Lopez Obrador renounced being president of all Mexicans to merely become the head of a faction, ”he published on the social network. Ricardo Anaya, who was a presidential candidate in 2018 and today lives in exile after being accused of corruption by the Attorney General’s Office, pointed out that many logistical aspects of the march, such as dissemination and transportation, were financed with public money. “Instead of carry people to fill his egomania, it’s time for the president to listen to what the Mexicans have to say, to accept reality instead of inventing it, and to get to work these remaining two years, instead of acting like a rattle boy, boss campaigner and party spokesperson”, he said through a video.

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    The businessman Claudio X. Gonzalez, architect of the Va por Mexico alliance, made up of the PAN, PRI and PRD, pointed out that the mobilization of Lopez Obrador should be considered a pro-government revenge, since it was called by the president in response to the citizen demonstration against the government’s electoral reform project. “The effort to carry the #MarchaDeLaRevancha – never seen before – is the size of the fear that the president and Morena felt when they saw more than a million citizens march – in more than 60 cities – to defend freedom and democracy . In 2024 they leave, for the good of all, ”he wrote on Twitter. “The official march should be called #LaMarchaDelMiedo. Fear of losing power; fear that reality will reach them, as it will inevitably happen; fear of being judged by history as the worst government Mexico has ever had; afraid of being seen for who they are,” he added.

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    Lopez Obrador has acknowledged that the march got out of control and that it could have been organized in a better way. However, he also said that taking to the streets again helped him, because he was already becoming bourgeois. “There was a lot of affection, a lot of affection, crying, kisses, hugs, blessings, wishes that we do well,” he numbered in his conference. “The people are very happy, very aware, very politicized of the importance and the historical moment that we are living. And very respectfully, there weren’t even slogans against our adversaries, I didn’t hear anything from the INE, nothing”. The president has highlighted the attendance of business leaders at his government report, which he delivered yesterday in the Zocalo at the end of the march, as well as the attendance of thousands of young people.

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