News Latin America Lopez Obrador deepens the collapse of the PRI and the opposition bloc

Lopez Obrador deepens the collapse of the PRI and the opposition bloc

The planned changes to place the National Guard under the command of the Defense have unleashed a political storm that threatens to break the pact between the PRI, the PAN and the PRD, formed into an opposition bloc. The President of the Government has fueled that fire this Tuesday by declaring himself in favor of the initiative presented by a PRI deputy in Congress so that the military continue to carry out public security tasks until 2028. His term was due in 2024, but there is no will that they return to the barracks, as Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador advocated before becoming president. “I have changed my mind”, the president acknowledged, “when I saw the problem [de violencia] that I inherited A National Guard is needed that does not go to waste, with discipline and professionalism, to guarantee public safety.” And he has referred to the PRI in terms of governance: “What matters to me is that we can carry out together the transformation that the country requires.” The particular embrace of the president to the PRI threatens to blur the party of the revolution under the mantle of Morena.

The controversial changes so that the National Guard becomes one more branch of the Defense have already passed their process in Congress and now it is the Senate that must rule on it. The PRI deputy for Durango Yolanda de la Torre has been the piece that has moved in the political chess and caused a mess in the opposition bloc. His initiative to keep the military in the streets has raised criticism among the political partners of the opposition, who on Monday threatened to destroy the bloc scheduled for the 2024 elections. Lopez Obrador has not wasted the opportunity: “The PRI is doing well in rectify, what has he gained with that political alliance? Of course, it is convenient for the Army to take charge of the National Guard. If the PRI plans to help, it would do very well and distance itself from rancid conservatism”, he added.

In the field of humor, the most acidic tool, the president has recommended that the PRI loosen its ties with the PAN. “Any party seeks to get ahead, and if they are doing poorly, then only that they are masochists. Divorce exists for a reason. The laughter was heard in the National Palace. The bloodletting of the PRI since Morena’s irruption in politics with capital letters in Mexico has been incessant. There are not a few of the tricolor who have gone over to the icing party and hold positions of power. Who does not have a PRI past in Mexico? That bridge is still open and as the PRI members cross it, the party that ruled Mexico for decades is dissolving.

Obrador has taken advantage of a vein, that of national security, to turn the tables. The militarization of the country was an issue that began by dividing those of Morena, but now it is cracking the strength of the opposition, which moves together. The president relies on the historical epic, the Mexican revolution, on the alleged honesty and integrity of the military who come from the common people, to call on his own and others to defend his changes in the security strategy. “This cannot be put on the political agenda, it would be petty, the tranquility and security of the people are at stake.”

The legislative changes to militarize the National Guard are now in the Senate, where the Morenista majority and its allies have the key to quickly process the matter, as has happened in Congress, or abound in a debate that has been nagging the government. The PRI members of the Senate communicate forcefully that they have nothing to do with the proposal of deputy De la Torre in the lower house, that they will remain firm in what was approved in 2019, when the exceptional participation for six years of the military was unanimously approved in public safety.

But discord is sown. The national head of the PAN, Marko Cortes, has already warned his partners in the opposition bloc to suspend the pact planned for the 2024 elections. “Let us not allow our country to continue to be militarized. A civilian police force is not being formed, a military police force is being formed”, he stated.

The PRI members are already divided. Some will allow themselves to be embraced by Morena and others will continue to do their opposition work. The national head of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno, will no longer be harassed by the Morenoite governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores in Jaguar Tuesdays a space that was suspended. But Moreno hopes that it will be ruled if he is expelled to prosecute him for illicit enrichment, at the request of the Campeche prosecutor’s office. The PRI is not going through its best moments.

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