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    NewsUSALopez Obrador criticizes that the UN and the OAS "cost a lot and do not give results" and calls for "reforming" them

    Lopez Obrador criticizes that the UN and the OAS “cost a lot and do not give results” and calls for “reforming” them

    File – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. – LUIS BARRON / EYEPIX GROUP / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACT

    The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has criticized that the United Nations and the Organization of American States (OAS) are organizations that “cost a lot and do not give results”, for which he has advocated “reforming” them.

    During his daily press appearance, the Mexican president lamented that the work of both organizations is scant and that, when they act, they do so in a “biased” manner, according to the newspaper ‘Milenio’.

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    “They act in a biased way and when I say that they cost a lot, it is because they earn in dollars and they don’t even mess up. They don’t work and you have to be paying them,” Lopez Obrador denounced.

    These words from the Mexican president come after the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights conveyed his concern about the decision of the Mexican authorities to cede control of the National Guard to the Secretary of Defense.

    Thus, Lopez Obrador has branded the United Nations and the OAS as “pimps” and has criticized that during six-year terms “they saw nothing”, but that now, with him in the Presidency, “their eyes are clouded by their conservatism.”

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    In fact, in relation to this matter, Lopez Obrador has proposed holding a citizen consultation to determine whether the National Guard should continue under the command of Defense as of 2027, when the term of the last decision made in this regard expires.

    Source: Europa Press


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