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Lopez Obrador charges against Norma Pina for an award for her career: “You can get it in Santo Domingo”

Lopez Obrador during his morning conference this Wednesday.Jose Mendez (EFE)

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has resumed this Wednesday his crusade against the president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Norma Pina. The president has minimized the importance of the award that the International Association of Women Judges awarded the minister last Tuesday for her career and her progress in reducing the gender gap. “These prizes can be obtained in the Plaza de Santo Domingo,” Lopez Obrador has stated, referring to the place, popularly known for the falsification of documents.

The sea of ​​tensions between the president and the SCJN has been in turmoil for months, and has not calmed down in recent days. Last Tuesday, after the highest court invalidated one of the parts of the so-called “plan B” of the electoral reform —which seeks to limit the powers of the INE—, Lopez Obrador charged the Supreme Court: “The Judiciary is rotten.” The president considered that the Supreme Court violated the Constitution and invaded the powers of Congress by knocking down the reform.

The decision of the SCJN was formalized with a large majority of the ministers: nine compared to two. The Supreme Court launched with this the message of support for the legislative process for the reforms established by the law itself. “[Tengo] the conviction that no member of the Chamber of Deputies had the real possibility of knowing the content of the laws that had been approved”, said Minister Alberto Perez Dayan, speaker of the project that was submitted to a plenary vote, during the session.

President Norma Pina has been considered by Lopez Obrador as an adversary, a rivalry that has been marked by the SCJN’s invalidations of some of the current Administration’s amendments. Another example could be seen with the invalidation of the reform by which the National Guard passed into the hands of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena). On April 20, the judicial body gave the Government seven months —until January 1, 2024— to return the National Guard to the hands of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection.



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