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    NewsEuropeLondon, Rome and Tokyo partner on defense to build next-generation fighter jets

    London, Rome and Tokyo partner on defense to build next-generation fighter jets

    Archive – Tempest stealth fighter prototype – Joe Giddens/PA Wire/dpa – File

    Britain, Italy and Japan have agreed to the defense Global Combat Air Program (GCAP) which allows them to develop a military plan to build next-generation fighter aircraft.

    “GCAP will accelerate our advanced military capability and technological advantage; deepen our defense cooperation, scientific and technological collaboration, integrated supply chains, and further strengthen our defense industrial base,” read a joint statement.

    The prime ministers of London, Rome and Tokyo — Rishi Sunak, Giorgia Meloni and Fumio Kishida, respectively — have said they are committed to upholding a rules-based, free and open international order, noting that these are features “more important than ever due to the “increase” in “threats and attacks”.

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    This plan also seeks economic benefits, generating employment, attracting investment and generating advanced manufacturing processes. “Working together in a spirit of equal partnership, we share the costs and benefits of this investment in our people and technologies,” the letter continues.

    “And most importantly, the program will support the sovereign capacity of these three countries to design, supply and modernize cutting-edge combat air capabilities,” the document added.

    “The next generation of combat aircraft that we design will protect us and our allies around the world by harnessing the strength of our world-leading defense industry, creating jobs and saving lives,” Sunak said, according to the chain. BBC.

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    Downing Street’s goal is for the planes, called Tempest in the United Kingdom, to take to the skies in 2035 and succeed the RAF Typhoon, reports the aforementioned chain.

    The goal is for aircraft developed under GCAP to have enhanced capabilities, such as unmanned aircraft, advanced sensors and next-generation weapons.


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