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    EntertainmentLocal filmmakers win at Okanagan Screen Awards - Kelowna News

    Local filmmakers win at Okanagan Screen Awards – Kelowna News

    Local filmmakers win at Okanagan Screen Awards – Kelowna News

    A group of Kelowna filmmakers took home the People’s Choice Award for their short film at the Okanagan Screen Awards last month. daddy bot daleA laugh-out-loud comedy about an ordinary plumber who auditions for a strip troupe.

    Castanet sits down with the makers of the award-winning film to learn the details of what happened to the local comedy.

    “I’ve never looked at my work or anything I’ve been a part of the way Dad saw Bod Dale. I have been acting and making movies since my childhood. As soon as I could figure out what a video camera was or was capable of, I was obsessed,” said director Carly Fawcett.

    “So for me to take on the direction of something that, you know, I’ve co-created with these guys, it’s really one of the most rewarding moments I’ve had in my creative career because it’s a huge win for everyone. involved.”

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    Cam Woodman, a voice actor who aspires to act on screen, says he decided to take the leap of faith after meeting acting coach Carly Fawcett. That leap earned him the lead role of Dale with his first on-screen award.

    “It’s a lot of validation, you know, to win that. I’ve been planning to change my life for years, and the confidence of winning that award, knowing that I’m in the right place, that’s huge,” Woodman shared.

    «The most important thing that Carly brings is when I am auditioning or when I am training, she is very supportive, one of the best trainers I have had in anything … what she has done. I am an actor, and I am very grateful for that.

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    According to Fawcett, comic timing is something that cannot be taught. But luckily for Woodman and his audience, it’s only natural.

    “I think there are many different types of comedy that can be learned, but some actors just naturally have the time. The game has that in spades. Really good comedy happens when actors are invested in the most ridiculous stakes, but because they’re actors, because they’re going through serious stuff, it’s not comedy,” Fawcett said.

    “That’s why it becomes comedy, because you look at ridiculous scenes that relate to life and you laugh because you say thank God it’s not just me. That’s what you do comedy.”

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    Fawcett and Woodman say it was a quick project, delivered on short notice, and couldn’t have been done without the help of the entire cast and crew, including editor and cinematographer Jamie Patterson.

    Although in its early stages, plans for parts two and three of the Dad Bod Dale series are in the works. Until then, screenings will be April 1 in downtown Kelowna at the Burke Hare Lounge, located at 515 Lawrence Avenue, and will be viewable via Eventbrite.

    Tickets will go on sale from March 10.


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