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Little Oliver lands in Barcelona and is already in the hands of the doctors of Sant Joan de Deu to treat his brain tumor

Oliver is already in the hands of doctors at the Sant Joan de Deu (SJD) hospital in Barcelona. The health center has become the great hope of the two-year-old boy who suffers from a brain tumor and who was stranded in Mexico until he got a medical plane paid for by an anonymous donor. Two days later than expected, the mother and the child have landed this Wednesday morning in the Catalan capital, where they hope to find a solution to the child’s pathology.

The SJD medical team is now studying various scenarios to treat Oliver’s ailment. First, you must check the initial state of health of the minor to confirm if he is stabilized, something that is assumed because otherwise she would not have been able to make such a long trip by plane. In this case, the child will be admitted to a hospital ward, where the first diagnostic tests will be carried out. In the event that Oliver landed with any instability, she would go directly to the Intensive Care Unit.

The results of the diagnostic tests are decisive in deciding whether Oliver is to be operated on imminently or whether he requires a larger evaluation space. The neurosurgeons need to know the exact state of the minor’s brain tumor to approach the intervention with guarantees and for this reason they will perform an MRI. “In five days a disease of this type can change and it is essential to have the exact results of the situation of the tumor before operating on it,” explains a source from the Barcelona center.

Oliver’s medical evolution has become a kind of healthcare time trial. The boy was admitted on October 13 to a hospital in Mexico, where he lives with his parents, according to what he said. The world. The parents argued that their son was weak and listless. In the center he was diagnosed with a brain tumor with a serious prognosis, and the family could not find a hospital that would take on the intervention in Mexico. After consulting various specialists, the family was referred to Sant Joan de Deu, a pioneer pediatric hospital in Europe, although the transfer was not easy.

No airline saw it possible to transfer the minor from Cancun (Mexico) to Barcelona due to his delicate state of health. It was then that an anonymous donor assumed the cost of renting a medicalized plane. The initial plan was for Oliver and his family to arrive last Monday, but the company delayed the trip until Wednesday. The child and his mother have traveled on the plane because only two people could fit in the cabin. The father was already in Barcelona after flying on a commercial plane on Tuesday.

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