TechnologyLG presents the new Flex, its first TV with a 42-inch flexible OLED screen

LG presents the new Flex, its first TV with a 42-inch flexible OLED screen

The new LG OLED Flex, the first television with a flexible OLED screen of the brand. -LG ELECTRONICS.

LG Electronics has presented the OLEDFlex (LX3), your first screen tv OLED 42-inch flexible, which can go from flat to curved to adapt to the needs of the user.

The company based in Busan (South Korea) has unveiled this new product within the framework of the IFA 2022 international fair held in Berlin (Germany), an event in which it will also present its range of OLED, Micro LED televisions and QNED.

The LG LX3 television, which features a 42-inch OLED screen, is capable of going through 20 different levels of curvature to reach a maximum of 900R1. Thanks to this, it aspires to adapt to each user and create a more immersive experience.

The modification of the curvature can be done through two modes preset by the brand itself. In the first, the user can activate a button dedicated exclusively to said functionality from his remote control.

On the other hand, LG also allows manual customization of the curvature, so that the owner can directly bend the TV with your hands to suit your needs.

In the framework of customization options, the possibility of tilting it up to 10 degrees up and 5 degrees down is also included. In addition, it has an adjustable base with a modifiable height margin of 140 millimeters (mm).

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LG highlights that the flexibility of this new model is possible thanks to, among other factors, to OLED technology with self-luminous pixels of the company. It is equipped with LG OLED evo panels to offer the same image quality and performance as the range of televisions presented this year by the Korean brand.

The LX3 also aims to minimize eye fatigue for its users, as it includes the application of the anti-reflective coating (SAR, for its acronym in English), which helps reduce visual distractions and reinforce immersion.

At the processor level, it integrates an a9 Gen 5 smart chip with image algorithms that, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), modify the values ​​as the user consumes content through ‘deep learning’ (deep learning). Also has two 40W front speakers with built-in support for Dolby Atmos.

This new TV also integrates the function switching hub, that allows the panel’s built-in microphone to be interleaved with other devices connected to a PC from a single HDMI connection.

The user can access this feature by pressing the Switching button, built into the side of the LX3’s stand. Through it, you can change the connection of each of the connected devices and the panel itself without physically connecting or disconnecting any of them.


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LG has designed the LX3 with ‘gaming’ in mind, since it has incorporated certain specifications for this market segment into this product. For starters, the company underlines its blazing-fast response time of 0.1 milliseconds (ms).

At the functionality level, a user can adjust the size of the image on the screen according to your individual preferences or the genre of the game itself. For example, if it is role-playing or strategy, LG recommends the 42-inch format, while if it is a first-person shooter, it advises adapting it to 32 or 27 inches.

This new feature can be used through the menu Gaming Dashboardwhere users can, in addition to reducing the screen size, place it at the top, bottom or center of the panel itself according to their tastes.

The LX3 also includes, exclusively, the new ‘app’ Game, which supports custom screen savers as well as offering shortcuts to services like Twitter Y Youtube and providing a list of connected external input devices.

Another of the modes oriented to the gaming experience is the MultiViewwith which you can see content from two different sources simultaneously on the panel and select the audio of the content that the user wants to listen to.

As an example, LG ensures that the user can play a console, PC or cloud title at the same time that they watch content in an ‘app’ like YouTube that they can be sharing from their ‘smartphone’.

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The new LG also includes a customizable lighting function on the back of the panel, which can be adapted to the atmosphere of each game by synchronizing the lights to the video and audio of the content that is played on the screen. In this regard, he pointed out that offers up to five light modes.

In the sound section, it integrates LG’s renewed Gaming Optimizer menu, which adds personalized sound settings for different game genres to its range of image and audio options, included in 2022 OLED TVs.

This new audio functionality includes an equalizer, switches for Game Sound AI and Dolby Atmos, and offers access to advanced audio settings, allowing users to further tailor their gaming experience. In addition, LG highlights in the same way that the microphone integrated in the panel integrates noise cancellation to improve the experience of the most ‘gamers’ users.

At the connectivity level, it offers support for both Dolby Vision games at 4K and 120Hz and HDMI 2.1, variable refresh rate (VRR) and automatic low latency mode (ALLM). The LX3 is also compatible with G-Synctechnology of Nvidia for greater visual fluidity and is certified by AMD FreeSync Premium.

Source: Europa Press


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