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    LifestyleLess for more: the 12 products that have embraced reduflation, according to FACUA

    Less for more: the 12 products that have embraced reduflation, according to FACUA

    Faced with the economic difficulty that inflation entails, the strategy of the big brands has had to sharpen with phenomena such as reduflation.

    You buy the same as always, but more expensive and on top of that it brings lessAlthough sometimes it’s hard to notice. It is the strategy of companies to continue raising prices while reducing costs.

    What are really those products that bring less quantity and are worth more?

    FACUA has carried out a market study and indicates 12 products that have followed the reduflation strategy, some are from commercial brands and others from private labels, but they all hurt the pocket equally. These are:

    1. Calvé homemade flavor mayonnaise

    According to the supermarket, this product can be found up to a 78.9% more expensive than a year ago If in January 2022 the format was 225 milliliters and it cost 95 cents in the MAS supermarket, a year later it brings 210 milliliters and it costs 1.70 euros.

    The amount by which the product has been reduced is very difficult to see with the naked eye, but the price difference is huge.

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    2. Potato Ruffles ham flavor

    If you notice that the bags of chips each time bring more air and less product, you are right.

    In January of last year, these potatoes were sold in Carrefour in a 295-gram format for 2.89 euros. This year the bag brings 275 grams (20 less) and costs 3.79 euros, almost one euro more.

    3. Sanex Biome Protect Gel

    This gel was sold a year ago in a 600-milliliter bottle for 3.29 euros at Eroski. Now, the product brings 550 milliliters for 3.65 euros, which implies a rise of 10.9%.

    4. Vipp Express brand blue gel

    A detergent that previously had 40 doses and now brings only 37. As if that were not enough, in 2022 it cost 10.70 euros in Eroski and now it is in the same supermarket for 11.90 euros.

    5. Nestlé fitness cereals

    Also in Eroski, a year ago, Nestlé Fitness cereals contained 450 grams per box at 2.90 euros. The current price is 3.22 euros per 375 grams. The increase in the price per kilo amounts to 33.2%.

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    6. Scheweppes Tonic

    The Scheweppes tonic was in January 2022 in a format of 250 centilitres per bottle at a price of 85 cents at Hipercor. The same product in the same supermarket now costs 1.06 euros in a 200-cl bottle, which makes a liter of tonic water more expensive by 55.8%.

    7. Tray of pork ribs to tacos from Lidl

    The consumer association has also put an eye on fresh products for sale at Lidl. In the case of the tray of pork ribs in tacos, in January 2022 it was sold for 3.15 euros per 560 grams. Now 550 grams of the same product cost 3.93, a 24.7% more expensive.

    8. Lidl Chicken Wing Tray

    Another fresh product that has also risen are the split chicken wings that are sold on a tray. A year ago the price was 2.49 euros per 550 grams. This 2023, for 50 grams less of product, the price rises to 2.75 euros.

    9. Bag of Hake Fillets from Lidl

    This fresh product from Lidl has almost maintained its price, it barely increases a cent, yes, a year ago it weighed 500 grams and now 400, 100 grams less. This represents an increase in the price per kilo of 25.1%.

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    10. Aldi Gourmet Olive Oil Bar

    Continuing with private label fresh products, Aldi’s gourmet bar with olive oil cost 89 cents a year ago and weighed 300 grams. Now, it costs 1.19 euros and weighs only 260 grams, this makes the increase 54.3% per kilo.

    11. Aldi Village Bread Loaf

    Another Aldi bread is also among those affected by the reduction. It is about loaf of village bread, which has previously been sold for 1.99 euros per 600 grams and now costs 2.19 euros per 100 grams less.

    12. Chicken Chips The Aldi Market

    The latest product, also from Aldi, is the El Mercado chicken chip tray. In this case the rise is considerable. The previous price was 2.99 euros per 500 grams. Currently, a 400-gram tray is sold at 3.89 euros. The rise in price per kilo is 62.5%.


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