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Layda Sansores accuses Ricardo Monreal of interceding for ‘Alito’ Moreno: “Thank you for your support, I will never forget it”

Senator from Morena, Ricardo Monreal, during an interview with EL PAIS in Mexico City, September 29, 2021.Gladys Serrano

Layda Sansores has thrown the punch. After a series of hesitations in the middle of the lawsuit with Ricardo Monreal, the governor has leaked a series of conversations on WhatsApp in which the senator supposedly helps Alejandro wing Moreno, national president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), while being investigated in 2020. “Thank you for your support, I will never forget it,” reads one of the messages attributed to the PRI leader. “Let’s not fall into provocations. Let’s seek reconciliation ”, Monreal has written on his Twitter account after the broadcast of Jaguar Tuesdaythe Sansores TV show.

The conversation exposed by Sansores begins on March 10, 2020, although the governor has not offered details of the context in which it occurred. Always according to the information revealed, Monreal wrote to Moreno to ask if she had already filed an amparo “for the issue we discussed.” “Brother, the only protection that was promoted was because the public ministry promoted the insurance of all my assets and my properties,” the PRI leader responds. “I’m moving forward,” replied the legislator. “You know that I am in your hands and I only owe it to you,” Moreno replied to thank him, in a tone that is repeated several times in the exchange of messages.

Two weeks later, Monreal told Moreno that he was going to see the prosecutor to “see the matter.” She is not mentioned by name, but it is probably Silvia Moguel, the then prosecutor of Campeche, Alito’s home state and where he was also governor (2015-2019). “Grateful and without words to recognize your support,” responded the PRI, then close to serving seven months at the head of his party. After the new thanks, Moreno asked Monreal that when he spoke with the prosecutor he told her that it was “his thing” so that she would not think that he was pressuring her. “It is what is convenient, to call for unity,” says the PRI politician. “In the long run it will be good for everyone, mainly for a political agreement between you, a server and the Federal Government,” settled Alito. Monreal left it on seen.

Already at the beginning of June, Monreal warned Moreno that several media outlets were “snooping around” and alerted him to an alleged leak of the expert reports. “Santiago told me,” he added, possibly alluding to Santiago Nieto, at that time head of the Financial Intelligence Unit, the arm of the Treasury against financial and tax crimes. “I’ve been telling you for a long time, the common enemy is the right, but hey, what can we do with it,” Alito replied. By December 2020, six months later, the PRI would precisely announce the Go for Mexico coalition, with the conservative National Action Party and the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution. The alliance competed in the midterm elections last year and today it is completely broken on suspicion that the PRI has made parallel deals with Morena, the party of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Monreal and Sansores.

“I’m sending you some messages just for you,” Monreal wrote in that conversation on June 2, 2020, before forwarding a conversation. “Santiago informed me that, apparently, Reform either The universal they bring data on the accounts of Alejandro Moreno”, reads the forwarded message. “He tells me that it is data that he sent me on the occasion of the investigation folder that I have,” she adds, although it is not said who wrote it.

On December 9, 2020, a couple of weeks before the Va por Mexico alliance was presented, Monreal angrily wrote to Moreno: “I am impressed by your lack of words with me, your deception hurts, I could expect it from anyone but you. ”. Alito excused himself and justified that the coalition was only to meet the equal gender quotas in the candidacies. “You are going to win your land, time to time, no deception,” he added. “What you are interested in will be achieved, which is to win,” concluded Alito.

After displaying the messages, Sansores accused Monreal of operating against Morena’s interests in the 2021 elections, especially in Mexico City, where the opposition managed to win 9 of the 16 competing mayors. “He accuses of dirty war, but he starts the dirty war,” said the governor during the program, referring to Monreal’s claims last weekend after learning that Sansores was going after him in Jaguar Tuesday. “Now that ambition kills conviction,” added the politician.

In the rest of the messages, Monreal told Moreno that “the lady over there” wanted to reopen the court case. “I opposed it because it was a compromise. Feel that you are moving forward. I do not change, I will continue defending, “wrote the senator. Alito thanked him and told him that after the June 6 election of last year he would be willing to close deals with the ruling bloc again. “On June 7 I am sitting down building agreements and consensus with our legislators that we have,” promised the leader of the PRI, the target of an extensive number of accusations aired on the Sansores television program in recent months. “I am practical and pragmatic,” Moreno boasted.

Sansores did not disclose the source of the leak, but claimed to have 337 WhatsApp messages from Monreal. The governor also said that she had information packets from around 800 people and that her team has not finished reviewing all the material. “I am not a spy, it was material that reached us and I feel obliged to report it,” she added.

“Nothing distracts us, neither the games of artifice, nor the disqualifications nor the intrigues,” Monreal said later in a video recorded and posted on his social networks, in which he appears with other high-profile senators such as the former Secretary of the Interior Olga Sanchez Cordero and the former president of the Upper House, Monica Fernandez Balboa. He also pointed out that at the time “he will exercise his right”, by threatening to file a criminal complaint against Sansores.

Despite the fact that the leadership of Morena and Lopez Obrador himself have called for unity within the political formation, Sansores decided to launch the coup. It is the first time that the governor intends to burn a party colleague in Jaguar Tuesday.

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