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    Latin America sends aid after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

    (CNN Spanish) — Several Latin American countries have pledged to send humanitarian aid to Syria and Turkey to join search and rescue teams in the area devastated by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck the two countries on Monday.

    Following the devastating earthquake, the Turkish Emergency and Disaster Management Agency (AFAD) appealed to the international community for help. AFAD said in a statement that it needed international help “in the field of urban search and rescue.”

    Mexican government sends first shipment with aid to victims in Turkey 2:21

    From Latin America, some governments have mobilized to send search and rescue teams, and in others there are collection centers to receive donations.


    The Argentine Foreign Ministry arranged for the assistance of the White Helmetsa humanitarian assistance group dependent on the Argentine Agency for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance, to help in those areas devastated by the earthquake.

    Meanwhile, the embassy of Turkey in Argentina arranged a service channel to receive donations for those affected by the earthquake, which will be received at the embassy headquarters in Buenos Aires located on September 11, 1382.

    Winter clothing, tents, beds, mattresses, blankets, sleeping bags, stoves, thermoses, flashlights, electric generators, food boxes, baby formula, diapers, hygiene products, among others, are needed. Accounts were also set up to receive monetary donations for those affected by the earthquake.


    The government of Brazil advertisement that an “interdisciplinary humanitarian mission” will leave Brazil for Turkey in response to the deadly earthquake.

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    The team includes 42 experts, including firefighters, medical and Civil Protection personnel, as well as sniffer dogs to help locate earthquake victims, according to the Brazilian government.

    It also sent three “calamity kits”, which include “250 kg of medicines and emergency items”, each with the capacity to attend “up to 500 people for 3 months and 1,500 people for 2 months”, the Brazilian government said.

    Weather and remote areas make rescues difficult in Syria and Turkey 2:00


    This Tuesday, the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) held a committee in which Colombia’s collaboration with Turkey was discussed to help those affected by the earthquake.

    The Turkish embassy in Colombia reported that the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency will coordinate the donations and through them, in-kind aid such as winter clothing, non-liquid hygiene and cleaning items, camping items, and blankets will be delivered.

    Meanwhile, the Turkish embassy in Colombia said that those interested in making “monetary donations” to help those affected by the earthquake, may do so in the embassy’s bank account at Banco GNB Sudameris.

    The Savior

    The government of El Salvador sent a hundred rescuers this Wednesday to collaborate in the search for victims of the earthquake in Turkey.

    According to local authorities, the group of volunteers has experience in rescuing collapsed structures, confined areas, and vertical rescue. The mission brings with it specialized search equipment, as well as two trained people-locating dogs.

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    The plane with elements of the National Civil Police, firefighters, soldiers and rescuers that are part of the Usar group left the Óscar Arnulfo Romero international airport for Turkey.

    In addition to the rescuers, the government of President Nayib Bukele sent water, medicine and other assistance requested by the Turkish government.

    According to the authorities, the rescue team will remain in Turkey for as long as necessary. For now, they are carrying 52-day supplies.


    This Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico reported through a statement that a team of rescue specialists from the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of the Navy, as well as the Ministry of Public Security and Citizen Protection via Civil Protection , they left for Turkey to help in the search operations for survivors after the earthquake that affected that country and Syria.

    The Foreign Ministry added that the purpose of this team is to support the tasks led by the Turkish and Syrian authorities to rescue people and protect the lives of those who are injured.

    The chancellor of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, said that the Mexican team was assigned to the city of Adiyaman to support ongoing rescue work. “They represent the sense of solidarity and brotherhood of the people of Mexico in the face of suffering and catastrophe,” the foreign minister tweeted.

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    The Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection and the National Coordination of Civil Protection, in coordination with the Government of Mexico City, set up a collection center in the Zócalo of the capital.

    This was the arrival of Mexican rescue dogs in Turkey 0:32

    And the Turkish embassy in Mexico set up its collection center for donations in the Turkish Embassy building at Monte Blanco 1245 in Mexico City.

    These are some supplies that are requested.


    The Venezuelan government announced the sending of assistance and support to Syria and Turkey, two countries with which it maintains a close relationship.

    This Wednesday, the Venezuelan embassy in Turkey reported that 52 rescuers – including firefighters and doctors – boarded a plane from the state airline Conviasa, in addition to six search and rescue dogs and 22 tons of food and humanitarian aid medicines for the most devastated by the earthquake in both countries.

    The first stop will be in Syria, according to the embassy, Where will part of the firefighters stay? and humanitarian aid. Then the plane will continue to Turkey where the Civil Protection teams and the other part of the humanitarian aid will go.

    — With information from Merlin Delcid, Gerardo Lemos and Melissa Velásquez of CNN en Español.


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