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    NewsUSALatest US Winter Storm News: Forecast Snow, Rain, Canceled Flights & More

    Latest US Winter Storm News: Forecast Snow, Rain, Canceled Flights & More

    What states and cities are threatened by snowstorms in the United States?

    The U.S. Upper Midwest has borne the brunt of the country’s expected snowfall, amid a storm that stretches from coast to coast and has millions of people under winter watches.

    According to him National Metereological Servicein parts of the Midwest it could snow at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour on Wednesday, combined with wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph.

    From now until Friday, February 25, the largest snow accumulations are expected in the states of California, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wyoming, as can be seen on this map with the authorities’ predictions.

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    Here, the review of the places that face the worst threats.

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    The worst impacts are expected to take place in the Twin Cities region, which includes the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs, beginning late Wednesday through Thursday. Heavy snowfall is expected to cover the ground fairly quickly, and to be accompanied by gusty winds, making travel especially dangerous.

    In Minneapolis, the “historic” three-day storm “will bring widespread snow accumulation, with wind and drifting snow primarily Wednesday through Thursday,” the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities specifically said.

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    The city could receive 15 to 25 inches of snow by Thursday, in addition to the 1 to 3 inches that have already fallen there.

    Governor Tim Walz ordered the state National Guard, department of transportation and patrol to be prepared to respond to impacts from the storm.

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    In addition to the up to 10 cm that have already been recorded in the state, snowfall of up to 41 cm and winds of 72 km / hour are also expected.

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    The South Dakota governor announced Tuesday the closure of state government executive branch offices Wednesday in more than half of the state’s 66 counties, with plans for employees to work remotely. Additionally, Interstates 29 and 90 were partially closed Tuesday night to prepare for the expected snow.

    Cheyenne, Wyoming

    Heavy snowfall of up to 30 cm is expected this Wednesday.

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