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Late effects of cancer in children

There is a large proportion of individuals under the age of 21 who have been able to increase their chances of survival; however, this depends on future complications

Thanks to medical advances and, above all, to those investigations focused on cancer patients, the benefits of new treatments as well as an implementation in advances have achieved that young patients can have a greater probability of survival after different therapies, there is a percentage In favor of 80% improvement in the next five years, however, there are some late effects of these treatments that can be harmful to health, these usually manifest after five years of suffering from the disease or after having already overcome it, such as It is already known that many treatments tend to present complications or side effects that affect the patient’s quality of life, learning about these signs is important to worsen the condition or relapse into other ailments.

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Causes of late effects

There are some factors that influence the development of some complications in long-term cancer patients, according to the Cancer.Net page, some of these are:

  • The type and location of the cancer: Many types of cancer tend to be more aggressive than others, which is why some complications may have a higher level of severity.
  • The area of ​​the body treated: many times the tissues of some areas of the body are usually much more delicate and prone to a recurrence of malignant cells.
  • The type and dose of treatment: some treatments are very fresh and strong, which can complicate the body.
  • Age of the infant: some children tend to receive treatments very young, which can harm them in the future.
  • Family history: Some genetic mutations can influence the development of cancer and some long-term effects.
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Types of late effects

There are some effects that can not only affect the physical part of the pediatric population, but there are also some repercussions on the patient’s mood, which influences the child’s psychological balance, it is necessary to keep them in mind and avoid these complications at all costs:

  • Emotional problems: no matter what the age of the child, there will always be some complications in the emotional state, since his widow will change completely.
  • Secondary cancer: some children who are diagnosed with cancer may present some origin of the same disease in some areas, this is mainly driven by some therapies such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • Reproductive and sexual development problems: in children, radiation therapy in the abdominal area, pelvis or testicles can cause infertility, in girls the same thing happens, their ovaries and the possibility of becoming mothers are affected.
  • Cognitive problems: those children who had to receive radiation therapy in the brain area or some drugs may have memory and learning problems.
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It is important to take into account some effects that the smallest can have in order to be able to treat these complications in the future and try to prevent them with the help of a professional.

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