News Europe Last minute of the war, live | Ukraine announces a military...

Last minute of the war, live | Ukraine announces a military offensive in the south of the country

Zelensky asks to ban the entry of Russian citizens into the European Union

The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has returned this Monday to request that the entries of Russian citizens in countries of the European Union be prohibited, with justified exceptions. “This is a 100 percent Russian war, not Putin’s war alone. Those people [la poblacion rusa] you have chosen that person [Vladimir Putin]. These people are not putting up any resistance to what he is doing,” Zelensky said. The Ukrainian president has thus responded, during his telematic intervention from kyiv at the Strategic Forum being held in the Slovenian city of Bled, to a question about the possibility of sanctioning a large part of the Russian citizenry for the invasion of Ukraine.

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Zelenski advocates that entry visas into the EU be granted only to Russians persecuted for their political positions, those who seek asylum or those who defend peace. “Those who go to the EU to do business, to do tourism, rich families who send their children to the EU to study, those who buy real estate and companies… They should not have the possibility to spread their influence,” he said. alleged he. He has argued that apart from the top state, there are thousands of other Russian citizens who are at least silent in the face of Russian aggression against Ukraine, while others support the war, spread hate, or directly participate in the slaughter of Ukrainians.

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Zelensky once again denounced that Moscow has no intention of negotiating peace or a ceasefire, and that his country will continue fighting until it can restore and guarantee its territorial integrity and freedom.

Several EU rulers have spoken out in favor of banning the granting of visas for Russian tourists, an issue on which, although there is no consensus at the moment, it will be debated at the informal Foreign Affairs Council that begins tomorrow in Prague.

The Czech Republic, which holds the rotating presidency of the EU this semester, is among the partners in favor of restricting visas to the maximum for Russians, while others, such as Germany, are against such a measure.

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Both positions were confirmed this Monday in Prague by the heads of government of the two countries. “We are convinced that it is necessary to send a clear signal to Russian society,” said the Czech Prime Minister, Petr Fiala, explaining in Prague the objective of the restriction that he requests for travelers from Russia. He did so after meeting with the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, and in front of him at a joint press conference in which the German leader made it clear that he does not support the measure. (Eph)

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