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    NewsEuropeLast minute of the war in Ukraine today, live

    Last minute of the war in Ukraine today, live

    Russia says only sanctions prevent gas supply to EU

    Russia said today that only technological problems related to Western sanctions prevent the supply of Russian gas to Europe through the NordStream 1 pipeline, a day before another planned three-day supply cut by the state gas company Gazprom for “maintenance”. ” technical. However, the Russian state gas company has reported this Tuesday that it has reduced the supply to the French Engie under cover of contractual problems.

    “We guarantee that, apart from the technological problems caused by the sanctions, nothing interferes with the supplies” of gas, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said in his daily telephone press conference.

    “Russia was and remains ready to fulfill all its obligations,” he said when asked if there are guarantees that supplies from NordStream 1, which transports Russian gas directly to Germany via the Baltic Sea, will resume once maintenance on the pipeline.

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    Peskov argued that the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States imposed sanctions against Russia that “do not allow normal maintenance and repair work, nor do they allow the legal registration of the return of the necessary components and assemblies. to their places of origin.

    “This is part of the sphere of those irrational actions of Europeans, which are very difficult to understand and probably impossible to explain, but for which ordinary citizens have to pay a lot,” the presidential spokesman considered.

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    The gas pipeline, which currently only operates at 20% of its capacity after several reductions for “technical reasons” in the volumes it supplies to Germany, until remaining at 33 million cubic meters per day, will stop operating tomorrow, Wednesday, for three days for maintenance tasks. maintenance of the only gas compressor unit in operation, as announced last day 19 Gazprom.

    A set of routine tasks under the current maintenance contract will be carried out jointly with Siemens specialists.

    Gazprom promised that upon completion of the work – which should be done after every 1,000 hours of operation – if there are no technical failures of the unit, gas transportation will be restored to the level of 33 million cubic meters per day.

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    Peskov’s statements and the three-day cut-off of gas supply through the Nord Stream tomorrow coincide with the announcement this Tuesday by the French energy group Engie that Gazprom has notified it of an immediate cut in its natural gas deliveries, which are added to which it had already applied since the beginning of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. The cut is due “to discrepancies between both parties on the application of the contracts,” the company said in a statement. (Efe)

    Source: EL PAIS


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