NewsWorldLast Generation radicalizes its methods to demand the end of coal

Last Generation radicalizes its methods to demand the end of coal

The fast acceleration of climate change is leading people all over Europe to resort to more and more sensational methods, whether in France, Belgium or Germany.

People are spraying, hitting and throwing things, where there were demonstrations before. Time is running out, and fast.

In 2022, climate activists from the Last Generation group organized 276 roadblocks in Germany. They want a speed limit of 100 km/h on German roads and a ban on burning coal.

“We want people to be outraged that today, in 2023, another village is being bulldozed to mine brown coal,” activist Joel Schmitt told Euronews.

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The Government and the energy company RWE have reached an agreement: **Coal mining will not disappear in 2038, but in 2030.**Until then, the excavations will continue.

At one of the world’s largest open-cast lignite mines, mining continues. That is the reason why people take to the streets: they fear that the climate collapse is coming.

Many climate activists use illegal methods. They risk fines and jail time. But, Is civil disobedience justified?

“We are in a situation where we are heading towards a climate nightmare. Neither the police searching our houses, nor the threats of violence, nor the risk of going to jail are going to stop us from fighting for a good future,” says Schmitt.

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“I spent 23 days in jail. The week after I was released I went straight back to the same place, to the same street (and blocked it again), for which I was sentenced to another week in jail.”

Will anger and despair more radical to the activists? Or will their actions be the ones that determine the political decisions?

Source: Euronews Español


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