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La Jerezada or singing praises to El Chapo in the midst of a crisis of violence

The mayor of Jerez, Jose Humberto Salazar Contreras, during an act in September 2022.Courtesy

Violence in the municipality of Jerez, Zacatecas, is quite a notable phenomenon even in an already virulent country like Mexico. A significant example of this is that since 2020 the festival known as La Jerezada has not been celebrated, consisting, among other things, of street bullfighting inspired by the Sanfermines of Pamplona, ​​in Spain, and which since 1999 has served as part of the Carnival local. The pandemic and general insecurity have made it unfeasible.

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The current mayor, the Morenista Jose Humberto Salazar Contreras, decided that this year’s festivities would be held at any cost, despite the fact that, without going any further, the candidates for Carnival queens decided to step aside and resign in solidarity with the victims of the crime wave that hits the city, including homicides and disappearances. Determined, Salazar said he “respected” the decision of the applicants and their families not to go ahead with the campaign, but he explained that the Jerezada and the Carnival would take place due to the importance they have for local commerce, which is hit hard. can be assumed due to the indisputable power of criminal groups. This is debatable, but at least it obeys a reasoning of a political nature. What is inexplicable is what followed.

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