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    NewsEuropeKuleba accuses Orban of "using Ukraine" for "his own game with the EU"

    Kuleba accuses Orban of “using Ukraine” for “his own game with the EU”

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. – Franti k Iv TASR/dpa

    The Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dimitro Kuleba, has accused the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, of “using Ukraine” to play “his own game with the European Union” in favor of his own interests.

    Kuleba, who has pointed out that Orban “continues to play the same game as always” with Brussels, has insisted that the Ukrainians and Hungarians “will continue to be friends” despite this. Thus, he stated that “it is necessary to win the war” and recalled that this “is in the interest of Hungary and Ukraine”.

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    Orban has repeatedly shown his disagreement with the EU’s sanctions policy against Russia in the context of the invasion of Ukraine and has stressed that some of these measures “do more damage to the EU than to Russia”.

    Hungary has also decided to block on two occasions the inclusion of Patriarch Cyril, the highest representative of the Orthodox Church in Russia, on the EU sanctions list.

    In this sense, he addressed the Hungarians themselves, urging them “to ignore the information in the media about the supposed enmity of the Ukrainians towards the Hungarians.”

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