NewsEuropeKing Carl Gustaf of Sweden, successfully operated on the heart

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, successfully operated on the heart

The Swedish royal house has reported, through a statement, that the operation to which King Carlos Gustavo of Sweden, 76, has undergone, this Monday morning has been a success. “The operation has gone as planned and the king is fine,” explains the letter published on the official website of the royal family. On February 14, the royal house announced that the monarch needed to undergo surgery and that the agenda of official events that he had planned between February 20 and March 3 would be postponed and moved to late spring.

Carlos Gustavo of Sweden, who will celebrate half a century on the throne this year, wanted to acknowledge the support and warmth of those who accompanied him during the intervention, as well as the work of the professionals. “He feels grateful for Swedish healthcare,” he reads in the brief statement, just three lines. The reasons why the monarch has undergone the operation have not yet been disclosed, but they are related to the heart problems that he has been carrying for years.

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From the outset it was announced that the monarch would not undergo open heart surgery. The technique used has finally been a laparoscopy, a type of minimally invasive surgery. During the medical procedure, he was accompanied by his wife, Queen Silvia, and their three children: Princes Victoria, Carlos Felipe and Magdalena —who had to travel from Miami, USA, where she lives with her husband and three children.

Everything indicates that 2023 is going to be a special year for Carlos Gustavo. In September, the monarch will celebrate half a century on the throne and will celebrate his long-awaited Golden Jubilee. On Wednesday, one day after making his operation public, he visited the county of Jönköping (the first of the 21 Swedish counties) accompanied by the queen, giving This is how he began the tour that will take him around his country to commemorate this date. The king did not stop his official agenda until last Friday.

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On the occasion, precisely, of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee, the royal agenda is full of commemorative events that he will have to attend once he has recovered from the intervention. It is expected that it will be from April when the sovereign resumes his functions with total normality, so that for the month of March greater efforts will be avoided. His schedule is not canceled for next month, but he is expected to do lighter duty.

Although it was expected to be his year, 2023 could not have started in a worse way for the monarch due to some controversial and controversial statements that put him in the media spotlight. On January 5, SVT public television broadcast a documentary about the monarch. In it, he defended that the abolition of the Salic law with retroactive effect in his country in 1979, a change that made his eldest daughter, Princess Victoria of Sweden, heir to the throne, was a “mistake” and an “injustice” with his youngest son, Prince Carlos Felipe, who as a male would have occupied the throne. “Having laws that work retroactively is not very smart, I still think so. My son, Prince Carlos Felipe, had already been born and suddenly there was a change that left him with nothing. It is quite strange, ”he argued.

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But after the commotion generated by the statements, Carlos Gustavo of Sweden issued a statement saying he was “deeply hurt”, and warned that his words should not be understood as a criticism of Princess Victoria, of whom he claimed to be “proud”: “A heir to the throne is a no-brainer to me. The crown princess is my successor. She is an extraordinary asset to me, my family, and our country. I am proud of her and her tireless work for Sweden ”.


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