Entertainment Julian Gil is “happy and grateful” for animating the new program “Sit...

Julian Gil is “happy and grateful” for animating the new program “Sit down who can”

Miami – The actor, model and television host of Argentine origin Julian Gil He will be the host of “Sit down who can”, a new TelevisaUnivision program that will combine entertainment news with debates and a reality show.

“Sit down who can” will premiere on August 22 and will be broadcast live from Monday to Friday in the evening hours on Unimas, Univision’s sister network.

In a statement released Tuesday, Gil declared himself “happy and grateful” for the new program, produced by Carlos Mesber, and promised to “bring a lot of fun and the best of entertainment news to homes.”

It will be “a new, original, reality-type, competition show”said Gil, who was born in Argentina, but grew up in Puerto Rico and became famous with soap operas and movies produced in different countries, such as Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, the United States and Spain.

“Sit down who can” is a live entertainment format that will bring together celebrity news, diverse opinions and debates between a panel of journalists, artists, social media experts and also the audience at home.

Through a vote via social media, viewers will be able to decide each week who is the panel member with the most controversial views who is punished by leaving the studio. To return, you must complete an important mission.

Those who do not meet the expectations of the assigned task may be suspended or terminated.

In addition, each week, a guest star will occupy the special chair that has a very important role, to be part of this unique adventure on television.

“Sit down who can is a program that breaks with traditional entertainment formats; that addresses current issues, with debates developed between a team of communicators and journalists”said producer Mesber.



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