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Joe Biden to visit Poland with a ‘message’ for Vladimir Putin

US President Joe Biden will make an official visit to Poland on Tuesday and Wednesday, for the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. He will send a strong “message” to Vladimir Putin according to a White House spokesperson, who adds that Joe Biden will support Ukraine “as long as it takes”.

9:45 a.m.: Explosions after strike in western Ukraine

Two explosions were heard on Saturday in Khmelnytskyi, a city located in western Ukraine, we learned from the local governor. Aerial alerts were launched in stride for the whole country and the authorities warned that power cuts were to be feared.

9:32 a.m.: Stoltenberg: “We have to give Ukraine what they need to win”

Jens Stoltenberg According to statements that the head of NATO is to deliver at the Munich Security Conference, transmitted to AFP, Jens Stoltenberg will call on Saturday for unfailing support for Ukraine “to win” the war launched against the country by Russia almost a year ago. He will speak in these terms: “We must give Ukraine what it needs to win and survive as an independent sovereign nation in Europe”.

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9:27 a.m .: More than €5 billion in Russian assets sanctioned

Russian assets worth an estimated nearly 5.3 billion euros have been sanctioned in Germany since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the Welt am Sonntag reported on Saturday, citing the German Ministry of Finance. The article specifies that the assets belong to entities such as the Russian Central Bank, companies and individuals on the European lists of personalities subject to sanctions.

4:05 a.m .: Biden in Poland with a “message” for Putin

Joe Biden will support Ukraine “as long as it takes”: the American president will visit Poland on Tuesday and Wednesday with a firm “message” for Vladimir Putin, a year after the start of the war and at a decisive moment in the dispute.

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The US president will speak during a solemn address at the palace in Warsaw on Tuesday. From this emblematic place in Polish history and three days before the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden will “send a message to (Vladimir) Putin as much as to the Russian people”, a doorman said on Friday. – White House spokesman, John Kirby. “We can proudly say that our support for Ukraine remains unwavering and that (…) the international coalition supporting Ukraine is stronger than ever,” he said, repeating that the United States United would support Kiev “as long as necessary”.

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