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    TechnologyJBL announces the JBL 1000 sound bar, with an output power of 880W, Dolby Atmos and MultiBeam technology

    JBL announces the JBL 1000 sound bar, with an output power of 880W, Dolby Atmos and MultiBeam technology

    The new JBL 1000 sound bar -HARMAN

    Harman, the parent company of JBL, has unveiled the brand’s new soundbar, JBL 1000a device that integrates Dolby Atmos technology, offers an output power of 880W and works with technology MultiBeam.

    This is one of the novelties presented by the firm this Tuesday, in a virtual event in which it has also unveiled other products from its sound range, such as the Onyx Studio 8 speaker or headphones JBL Tour Pro 2 True Wireless Y Tour One M2.

    In the sound bar section, the JBL Bar 1000 stands out, which has detachable wireless surround speakers and a 10-inch wireless subwoofer. It uses, in turn, the MultiBeam technology developed by Harman.

    The bar JBL 1000 It has 7.1.4 channels, an output power of 880W and Dolby Atmos system, as well as removable rear channels. On the other hand, it features four ‘upfiring’ controllers and PureVoice system to deliver clearer voices.

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    For those looking for a smaller setup without compromising sound, Harman has introduced the JBL 800 alternative, which also features detachable wireless speakers and uses two upward firing controllers to create true height for Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound.

    With 5.1.2 channels, this sound bar also has a 10-inch ‘subwoofer’ and a somewhat lower output power compared to the most advanced model, of 720W.

    In this case, the JBL 800 does not have MultiBeam technology, although it does use PureVoice and works with the application of JBL One. Furthermore, JBL 800 is equipped with two ‘upfiring’ drivers.

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    It has, in turn, integrated WiFi with AirPlay, Alexa Milti-Room Music and Chromecast, as well as HDMI eARC with Dolkby Vision 4K direct pass-through and allows for simple sound calibration.

    On the other hand is the bar JBL 500, this time with 5.1 channels, 590W output power and a 10-inch wireless subwoofer.

    Unlike its predecessors, this format is not equipped with removable rear channels or ‘upfiring’ controllers, but it does work with the rest of the mentioned technologies (Dolby Atmos, MultiBeam and PureVoice for dialog optimization).

    To conclude, Harman has released the technical details of its fourth and latest JBL 300 sound bar, with 5.0 channels All in one and a power output of 260 W and the built-in ‘subwoofer’.

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    This model does not have ‘upfiring’ drivers either, although it does integrate the surround sound system common to the rest of the bars in the range, as well as the technology that projects sound in all directions.


    Harman has announced that the bar JBL 300 Y JBL 500 will go on sale in Spain in September, without specifying dates, for 399 euros and 649 euros, respectively.

    However, both his bar JBL 800 Y JBL 1000 They will be available from next October 2022 for a price of 899 euros and 1,149 euros, respectively.

    Source: Europa Press


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