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Javier Tebas: “I’m there whenever Real Madrid and Barca want, but we won’t do what they always want”

Javier Tebas together with Jose Manuel Franco, president of the CSD, Javier Carbajosa Sanchez, Ambassador of Spain in Qatar; Omar Alfardan, president of the Alfardan Group and chef Dani Garcia – LALIGA PRESS

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, assured that, despite the criticism he receives from Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​”he is always” available to listen to them, although they will not do “what they always want”, and reiterated that Florentino Perez ” He doesn’t want the other clubs to grow”.

“As president of LaLiga I am there whenever they want, but we won’t always do what they want. In LaLiga I talk to them and the difference is that we defend two absolutely different football models and the one they defend destroys the other,” Tebas warned before the media during his visit to Doha for the inauguration of ‘LaLiga TwentyNine’s’, the new LaLiga sports bar and the first to be inaugurated outside of Spain.

The leader stressed that Real Madrid “will be present by videoconference” at the Assembly to be held this Wednesday in Dubai, although it was ironic because it will do so with “‘Clifford Chance’s’ lawyer, who is the same office that leads ‘A22’, which is the Super League”.

“The president of Real Madrid doesn’t want the other clubs to grow, that’s the reality,” added Tebas, who still doesn’t know if FC Barcelona will attend. “The clubs have been informed of this Assembly in Dubai since September 6. I have written down until three days ago that their treasurer (Ferran Oliver) and their director of Football (Mateu Alemany) came from Barca, but I think they received the call from who we all know and ‘to train'”, stressed the president of LaLiga about the figure of Florentino Perez.

Without leaving FC Barcelona, ​​he stressed that the so-called fifth ‘lever’ is to “save money”. “Your economic vice-president already said it, it’s for the wage bill to drop, they know it and that’s what they have to do,” he explained.

“They have appealed everything that we have applied and they have lost everything. We are applying the rules that correspond to Barca and the rest of the clubs. Barca is above presidents and boards, it has an impressive capacity of resources, with very capable people working and that they will guide you,” he added.

Thebes insisted that he speaks “with all the clubs” of the employer’s association. “If anyone has a complaint, they call me. Jan (Laporta) must know that I have always responded to his calls, but Real Madrid must have lost my phone,” he said with a smile.

Asked about the possibility, due to his trip to Dubai, of a Spanish football game being played in this city, he answered again with an ironic tone. “We will have to ask the president of the RFEF and that he bring the Super Cup because they won’t let us”, he sentenced, making it clear that the presence of LaLiga in the area means that they continue “growing”, although they must not forget that “you have to be physically to do business”.

Regarding the World Cup in Qatar, he is seeing it “like a roller coaster” and was optimistic about the options for Spain, which hours later was eliminated by Morocco. “Of course I always want it to be champion and then Argentina,” he confessed.

And if I had to choose a player from this World Cup who could end up in LaLiga, it was clear. “Messi. I would like him to do it in Spain if he wants to leave football, and Cristiano Ronaldo to come back to say goodbye too,” he said, opining that Kylian Mbappe “will be there at some point” and that the Argentine ’10’ “will return to Barca depending on whatever you want to charge”.

The leader would also welcome Luis Enrique Martinez’s return to LaLiga. “Of course, Luis Enrique is a very important asset in Spanish football and if he decides to go to club football, I would like him to be one of the Spanish league”, he remarked, recalling that the Asturian still has to “choose his future” in the Spanish selection.

Finally, he recognized that he is not worried about the next decision of the European justice system and its possible impact on the Super League. “It is one more issue against UEFA due to its monopoly position. There are things to correct in the European model of sport, especially in UEFA, but almost all the governments want the current model to be maintained. I have not been the maximum defender of UEFA and I continue criticizing the things that are not improved, but in this I give them the reason in which the model must continue changing some things”, sentenced.



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