News Latin America Jail for L-Gante, the rapper who captivated Peronism and the radical right-wing...

Jail for L-Gante, the rapper who captivated Peronism and the radical right-wing press in Argentina

Jail for L-Gante, the rapper who captivated Peronism and the radical right-wing press in Argentina

A prosecutor from the province of Buenos Aires has rejected on Tuesday the request for the release of one of the most popular rappers in Argentina. Elian Valenzuela, 23, will remain in prison after being arrested last Tuesday. He is accused of threatening with a weapon and kidnapping a neighbor of his family after a fight at a nightclub on May 27. “If I don’t win, I’d rather not win,” he wrote in a letter he shared Monday with his five million Instagram followers. The most recent of his legal problems has him on the ropes.

Maximum exponent of the niche of the new Argentine cumbia, L-Gante became one of the most popular people in the country in July 2021. It was thanks to a compliment from Cristina Kirchner. During an official act at a school in Buenos Aires, the former president cited an interview in which the musician said that he had recorded and edited his first viral hit on one of the computers distributed by the State in public schools. “Elegant”, as the vice president called it, was a good example of how the five million laptops that the Casa Rosada had distributed between 2010 and 2015 could be used for young people to “form companies” or “discover their artistic qualities”. “I recommend that you listen to it,” Kirchner advised. “He says that, with that Connect Equality that he received in 2014 and a little microphone, he made a song that today has 176 million views on YouTube.”

The vice president wanted the story of a young man born poor who changed his destiny to support one of her public policies to be heard, but the opposition press took it as an endorsement of songs that incited drug use, promiscuity and misogyny. “The new icon of Christian culture”, called him one of the most influential journalists of the Argentine right, Eduardo Feinmann, who ended up inviting him to his program.

2021 was the year of L-Ghent. In March he recorded a song in the most famous music studio in the world, Bizarrap’s; in July it was the news of the month; in October he was received by the president, Alberto Fernandez; in December he moved into a gated community with his girlfriend and his one-year-old daughter. In that same place he was arrested last Tuesday.

On May 27, one of his former neighbors from the municipality of General Rodriguez, on the western outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires, denounced that the rapper had pointed a gun at him and forced him to get into his car during the early hours of the morning. It happened after a fight between him and L-Gante’s friends in a nightclub in the area. According to the complaint, the man, Gaston Torres, was forced into the musician’s car at gunpoint and kidnapped for almost half an hour, while he made sure that his friends had not had problems with the police. “Prepare a little field for me that we will kill him there,” L-Gante had said in a telephone conversation while he was walking his hostage, according to the agency. telam. On June 6, he was arrested at his home after four searches to find him.

L-Ghent has just finished a week detained in a police investigation unit with his relatives and fans camping at the door. This Tuesday, the prosecutor handling his case denied his release while he continues the investigation. It is not his first problem with the law: he had already been arrested in March 2021 for disturbances on public roads and in February 2022 for another intimidation of a young man with a firearm. His lawyer denounces that the police have been merciless with the singer, and the mobilization outside the detention center demands the release of the last hero of the humble, who sings about the social reality of a country with 40% of its population in poverty and exclusion.

In an audio leaked to the press, his complainant assures that the threats have not stopped all week: “They even threaten my 13-year-old daughter. She is a shame. We don’t know what to do, if we go out they threaten us and if we stay they throw stones at our house”.



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