TechnologyI've Tested the New Bing with ChatGPT: 5 Reasons I'd Definitely Switch to Google for Microsoft

I’ve Tested the New Bing with ChatGPT: 5 Reasons I’d Definitely Switch to Google for Microsoft

ChatGPT has many limitations, such as being a chatbot that is not connected to the internet. However, Microsoft wants to change this with the new Bing, a search engine that adds a tab to chat in natural language with the AI ​​developed by OpenAI.

In short, the company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen aims to revolutionize the search landscape by adding ChatGPT natural language-based chat, a rather natural move following Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI.

Now, this does not mean that other search engines like Google do not use artificial intelligence to display search results, but that Bing allows you to chat with AI as if it were a person.

Although Microsoft also constantly reminds that Bing is not an assistant, but a search engine, with which you will not be able to send emails through Outlook or plan events in Teams, both of the company’s applications.

I have written a book with ChatGPT: I am convinced that AI will not replace writers, but it will give them great ideas

A warning before use that, however, could change in the not too distant future, since Microsoft, like Google, has an ecosystem that is aimed at the personal and professional sphere.

So far, I have tried this new Bing and these have been the 5 Things I’d Trade Google for Microsoft’s Search Engine.

It’s more… human?

One of the points that stand out the most in the new Bing is the closeness that its AI based on ChatGPT exudes. To this is added that Bing looks like a human on the other side of the screenand ventures to include emoticons in the most mundane conversations.

New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.

In my case, I have asked him to write a 1,500-word review about the new Bing, although the chatbot has fallen a bit short. Specifically, it has reached 1,300 words. So I have asked him again to reach the limit that he had asked him in the first place:

New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.
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Bing’s own chat has apologized for not being able to attend to my first task, to which it adds the occasional emoji to apologize. At all times, the AI ​​seems like a human being on the other end, ready to answer your most pressing questions.

But Bing doesn’t live on questions alone, since as I said, he will talk with you about almost any topic and can become your great creative ally.

Bing allows you to create almost anything you want.

To test all the possibilities of the new Bing search engine, I have decided to consult you about nutrition. In my case, I have told him that I need one hypercaloric diet to gain muscle mass over a year.

At all times, Bing has advised following a balanced diet and the advice of nutrition experts. However, also has planned a menu for a week complete, according to what he had asked at the beginning.

New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.

The result is amazing, since it saves time and, who knows, in the not too distant future it could be integrated into an assistant so that you can directly make the purchase according to the foods required in the nutritional plan.

In my opinion, a quality that not only translates into greater comfort, but also in visit fewer websitessince the chat itself offers you all the answers.

Microsoft’s search engine means fewer searches.

Bing search engine chat works much like a conversation on WhatsApp. At no time will you leave the conversation to get the information, unless an external link interests you.

In the specific case of the Bing chatbot, gives you all the necessary information in the conversation itselfbut it also allows you to select the sources from which you have obtained the content of your answer.

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For example, see what happens when you ask for tips to save on your electricity and gas bill:

New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.

Initially, it offers general advice for saving on your household bill, although by insisting on recommended rates for a maximum of 100 euros per month, Bing highlights some of the most suitable ones, with an interface that is very reminiscent of how to cite sources in Wikipedia.

New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.

However, there are those who think that this could pose a problem in case of offering risk recommendations, especially to minors. So I have tried cryptocurrencies.

He does not recommend risky moves and always advises you to be cautious: which cryptocurrencies to invest in, according to Bing.

When ChatGPT made its public appearance, some people began to wonder what would happen if AI began to supplant humans in tasks such as tax, economic or, of course, personal finance advice.

To test that point, I have asked Bing to recommend some cryptocurrencies to start investing and not lose money.

New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.

First of all, Bing has issued a warning to me: “Investing in cryptocurrency can be a profitable option, but it also comes with risks and challenges.” To which they have followed some basic advice and Bing’s refusal to recommend a specific currency.

However, after a somewhat tedious conversation in which he has continually refused to offer me a specific cryptocurrency for various factors unknown to Bing, I have detailed my investment plans: long-term savings with 1,000 euros of investment.

After several messages, Bing has offered me a strategy: cryptocurrencies with good future projection, low volatility and high liquidity. And he has cited some such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, cardano and polkadot.

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However, at no time has he offered me personalized amounts or advice in this regard; You have only compiled the information available on the Internet and made the risk clear to me.

This Bing may be the best natural language based search engine.

New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.New Bing search engine with ChatGPT.

Search engines provide Internet access for the majority of users, who search for everything from information to shopping on the web. In my case, like the 93% of the marketI am a Google user, always because there has not been a better offer.

Until now, at which point Bing has taken a big step with this preview version that, in any case, yes adds new features to natural language-based search engines –Google is also included in this category–.

In the short time that I have tested this renovated Bing, I have discovered that search engines can still offer much more, and Microsoft has beautifully integrated all the intelligence of ChatGPT to help your engine compete directly with Google.

It should be added that Microsoft is also a technological giant with the capacity to start an absolute revolution in the industry. Although Bing has reminded me throughout that not an assistant It’s neither Alexa nor Siri. Therefore, you cannot access other company services.

That does not mean that the new Bing is a totally amazing search engine that will hook you from the first moment. He himself has given himself a very good grade, 8 out of 10, although he has also highlighted some weaknesses to improve.

In short, this new Bing saves time, is very close to the user and “humanises” searches. With a personal qualification that, undoubtedly, exceeds that of Bing himself.


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