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‘Ivan Mordisco’, willing to negotiate with the Government of Colombia and orders “to avoid clashes as much as possible”

Guerrilla fighter of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) – FARC

Nestor Vera Fernandez, alias ‘Ivan Mordisco’, leader of Front 1, the main dissidence of the disappeared FARC guerrilla, has appeared in a video announcing his willingness to join the possible peace talks that the government of the president, Gustavo Petro , has advanced, giving orders in addition to “avoiding as much as possible” clashes with the forces of order.

“The FARC EP reaffirm our commitment to acquire with the Government in its exploratory phase, to engage in frank dialogues in search of solutions to the social and armed conflict that our country has suffered for decades,” an ‘Ivan Mordisco’ is heard saying in the video surrounded by a group of insurgents.

‘Ivan Mordisco’, who assumed command of Front 1 after the death of Miguel Botache Santillana, alias ‘Gentil Duarte’, is seen reading a statement for about three minutes about the group’s intentions in a video that has been echoed several Colombian media.

Among the issues addressed is President Petro’s recent interest in reaching a multilateral ceasefire with the various armed groups to facilitate the establishment of a negotiation with which to achieve peace.

“All the guerrilla units of the FARC EP have been ordered to avoid confrontations with the public force as much as possible as long as we are not attacked,” announced ‘Ivan Mordisco’, who also reported the willingness to improve the problem of the illicit crops and land.

Thus, ‘Ivan Mordisco’ wanted to reiterate the guerrilla’s commitment to the “defense of diversity and the search for agreed solutions regarding the problems of vacant lots, the forest reserve and coca crops.”

Regarding the debate on the possible legalization of marijuana for medical, industrial and recreational purposes, the leader of Front 1 has contributed that if it goes ahead, it should be the small producers who benefit the most, since they are the ones who more “have suffered the war” that has been carried out against the communities that live from this crop.

At the end of May, it was learned that ‘Ivan Mordisco’ had assumed the leadership of Front 1, thus confirming the information that ‘Gentil Duarte’ had died after an attack by the rival dissidence of Segunda Marquetalia committed on his camp in a rural area of ​​the Venezuelan city of Casigua-El Cubo, in the border state of Zulia, where he had remained since November 2021, after fleeing a police operation in March that left him badly injured.

Source: Europa Press



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