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    NewsWorldItaly pressures the EU with the migration issue

    Italy pressures the EU with the migration issue

    The communication style of Giorgia Meloni It is known for its clarity. Even more so when it comes to addressing one of the key issues of his political program, such as the immigration. He delivered the message on the occasion of the last visit to Rome by the President of the European Council. “Italy”said, “She can’t handle this issue alone”. Before the summit of the 27 EU countries, he stressed that the EU “must intervene in the defense of external borders”. During the round of international bilateral meetings, Meloni’s approach has been welcomed by both the German chancellor and the Swedish prime minister.

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    Sara Kelany, deputy of Brothers of Italy, highlights:“When it comes to immigration, Europe is finally moving in the same direction as the Brothers of Italy and the Meloni government. This means reinforcing controls at external borders, while promoting greater cooperation with countries of origin “Finally, thanks to this government, the migration issue becomes a common problem in Europe. We have all become aware that defending Italy’s borders is equivalent to defending Europe’s borders.”

    Italy’s main proposal is to promote a European-wide code of conduct for rescue vessels in the Mediterranean.

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    He italian government it also wants to encourage Member States to invest more money in Africa.

    But the most controversial issue remains the introduction of compulsory relocations. A request that Italy has made but which is very unpopular with some of the closest European allies to Meloni.

    Sara Kelany, from Brothers of Italy, notes: “The truth is that such hostility is common among all EU member states as a way to protect their interests. That is what Italy should have done all these years. Now they are finally addressing the issue as other countries have already done Europeans.”

    After his first 100 days in office, the position of Meloni in Europe hasn’t changed. Protecting national interests is the priority of its political program. However, much of his success will depend on how he tackles the immigration issue, as many of his supporters supported his strong stance on the issue.

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    Source: Euronews Español


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