NewsEuropeItaly authorizes the disembarkation of more than 260 migrants rescued by a German NGO

Italy authorizes the disembarkation of more than 260 migrants rescued by a German NGO

Archive – Migrants rescued by the ship ‘Humanity 1’ in the Mediterranean – SOS HUMANITY – Archive

The Italian authorities have authorized the disembarkation in the port of the city of Bari, on the east coast of Italy and facing the waters of the Adriatic Sea, of a total of 261 migrants rescued by the German NGO SOS Humanity.

As confirmed by the German organization itself, the landing authorization has raised doubts among the crew of ‘Humanity 1’ due to the more than 300 nautical miles that separated Bari from its location, near Sicily.

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However, and despite the adverse weather forecasts, the captain of the ‘Humanity 1’ has set course for the city of Bari so that the more than two hundred migrants could finally disembark on the mainland.

SOS Humanity has been surprised by the relative speed with which the Italian authorities have assigned a port for the disembarkation of migrants, taking into account the long waits they have experienced in the past.

The new Government of Italy, headed by the ultra-rightist Giorgia Meloni, has promised to be stricter with these permits, which recently resulted in a crossing of another ship, the ‘Ocean Viking’, to France.

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At least 1,362 people have died this year in the central Mediterranean alone, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).


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