News Europe Iranian embassy in Greece attacked with Molotov cocktails

Iranian embassy in Greece attacked with Molotov cocktails

Protests in Berlin against the death of demonstrators in protests demanding justice for Mahsa Amini – Wolfgang Kumm/dpa

The Greek Police have reported that the Iranian embassy in Greece, located in the Psichiko neighborhood, where numerous foreign diplomatic offices are located, has been attacked with Molotov cocktails by unidentified individuals.

The attack, perpetrated at one in the morning by two people traveling on a motorcycle with their faces covered, has left no material damage to the building’s facade, according to the Greek newspaper ‘Ethnos’.

Nearly 200 Iranians demonstrated on Saturday in Syntagma Square in Athens, the capital of Greece, to demand justice for the death of Mahsa Amani in Tehran, who died in police custody after being arrested for not wearing the veil properly.

The demonstrators carried banners against the Iranian government and shouted slogans such as “down with the dictatorship.” Many women symbolically cut their hair in support of the young Kurdish woman, according to the Greek newspaper ‘Kathimerini’.

Amini, arrested on September 13 in Tehran by the so-called Moral Police for wearing the veil incorrectly, suffered a heart attack for which she was taken to a hospital, where she died days later, according to the official version, questioned by the family and other instances.

Amini’s death has sparked serious riots and mass protests in Iran that have so far left 17 dead. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has ordered an investigation into what happened.

Source: Europa Press



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