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    Iran summons German ambassador over Berlin’s “unfounded and interventionist claims”

    Archive – Hosein Amirabdolahian, Foreign Minister of Iran – IRANIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPH

    The Government of Iran has summoned the German ambassador in Tehran, Hans-Udo Muzel, on Monday to protest the “interventionist and unfounded statements” made by Berlin in relation to the protests that have been taking place since September over the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, arrested for allegedly wearing the veil incorrectly.

    The Iranian Foreign Ministry has indicated in a statement published on its website that it has transferred its “firm protest” to the ambassador for the initiative backed by Berlin in the United Nations Human Rights Council, which last week approved the creation of an international mission to investigate “alleged violations of Human Rights” in Iran.

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    Thus, he has stated that Muzel has been informed that said resolution “is a wrong step and completely based on a political and instrumental interpretation of Human Rights”, while criticizing the support of Germany and other European countries for the sanctions imposed. for the United States.

    In this sense, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stressed that these sanctions “have caused serious violations of the Human Rights of the Iranian people”, for which it has argued that these countries “lack any authority or competence when it comes to talking about Human rights”.

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    The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Naser Kanani, stated this Monday that Tehran “will not cooperate” with an international investigation into the repression of the protests and has outlined that “it has evidence” on the role of foreign countries in the mobilizations. .

    The NGO HRANA estimates that more than 18,000 people have gone to the police since the outbreak of the protests, which have cost the lives of more than 480 people, according to the latest balance provided by the non-governmental organization Iran Human Rights (IHR).

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