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Interpol issues a red search and capture file against the wife and brothers of Garcia Luna

Interpol issues a red search and capture file against the wife and brothers of Garcia Luna

Linda Cristina Pereyra, wife of Genaro Garcia Luna, arrives at the Brooklyn courthouse with her son, on February 13.JUSTIN LANE (EFE)

The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol, for its acronym in English) has issued this Wednesday red files for the search and subsequent extradition to Mexico of the wife and brothers of Genaro Garcia Luna, the former Secretary of Public Security who was found guilty. in a United States court for the crimes of drug trafficking and organized crime. The files were requested by the Attorney General’s Office for a different corruption case than the one that has the official locked up in the United States. Garcia Luna’s wife and brothers are accused of profiting from a corruption network that allegedly allowed the family to enrich themselves through fraudulent contracts with federal prisons.

Cristina Pereyra, Garcia Luna’s wife, accompanied her husband during the trial that took place in a New York court, and where he had to appear for the complicity in business that he had with the former official. There she justified her leaving Mexico to live in Miami: “We wanted our children to have a normal life,” she said at the time, the only witness who presented the defense in that matter. “We wanted to offer them a little more freedom.” Since then, Pereyra has lived in the United States, and at trial she assured that all her assets were in order and that they were obtained thanks to the hard work of Garcia Luna.

The red tab is a notification that Interpol issues to the law enforcement agencies of its member countries. The international agency does not detain anyone, it only issues an arrest request that must be executed by the national police of the country in which the subject is located. The Prosecutor’s Office made the request to Interpol in May of this year, when a federal judge ordered the arrest of Pereyra and Garcia Luna’s brothers, but they did not appear in court to be prosecuted for earning money from the criminal plot orchestrated by the head of the family, who also has pending issues with the Mexican courts.

The second arrest warrant against the official is for the fraudulent operations that allowed him to obtain, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, 64,900 million pesos thanks to the fictitious construction and operation of several federal prisons, privatized through the efforts of Garcia Luna himself. The third order, which includes the detainee’s brothers and wife, has to do with the abusive and corrupt contracts that were allegedly signed with many federal prisons. The amount amounts to 5,112 million pesos obtained through up to 10 fraudulent contracts.

In its battle to recover the stolen assets, the Prosecutor’s Office has managed to secure properties and bank accounts related to Garcia Luna and his family. In March of this year, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) announced that it had managed to secure 19 mansions and apartments owned by the defendant, with a value of around 18 million dollars. Four of the properties are tied to his wife. The FIU then denounced that the former official created an international network with which he diverted money to tax havens and used it to acquire million-dollar properties in Florida.



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