TechnologyInstagram users will be able to hide recommendations that they include with certain 'hashtags' or specific words

Instagram users will be able to hide recommendations that they include with certain ‘hashtags’ or specific words

Instagram recommendations display options – GOAL

Instagram is testing new options to customize the ‘feed’ and that will allow users to restrict the suggestions of posts that contain certain ‘hashtags’ or specific words.

The company has announced that it is carrying out two new tests so that people can fine-tune what they see in this space on the platform and has recalled what the current options are to define the Instagram experience.

First of all, this Meta-owned service has highlighted that it takes into account the different user interactions in the application to personalize the content it offers and that pays special attention to five specific interactions.

These are the probability that users spend a few seconds on a post, that they comment on it, that they like that share it again or that they access the profile that has published them.

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With this, he has clarified that accounts can be added to favorites to see more posts higher up and more often. There are no suggested posts in that view and the app never makes public who is on each user’s favorites list.

In addition, he has pointed out that you can see the publications of accounts that appear in the ‘Following’ section in chronological order and access the last 30 published contents.

In relation to the suggested contents, you have remembered that recommendations are included in the section ‘Explore’ and on the tabs ‘Store’ Y ‘reels’ and that comments can be sent to the platform so that the suggested publications are more in line with the interests of the users.

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Likewise, in the menu of three horizontal points that each publication has, the control ‘I’m not interested’an option that if pressed removes the content from the ‘feed’ instantly and reduces related suggestions in the future.

With this, he has recalled that users can adjust the ‘Sensitive content control’ settings to see more or less content of that type, which has recently reinforced its protection for children under 16 years of age.

In addition, it has indicated that there is a possibility that the application stops showing suggested posts in the ‘feed’, which can be temporarily hidden for 30 days.

Along the same lines, Instagram has announced that it is carrying out a series of tests to simultaneously select publications that are not of interest in the ‘Explore’ section, which can be select with the ‘I’m not interested’ button at once.

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Like this control located in the ‘feed’, the platform will immediately hide these publications and will avoid displaying related content in the future.

Finally, he has indicated that he will soon begin to test the possibility that users can notify the platform that they do not want to know content that includes ‘hashtags’ or certain keywords in the photo or video captions.

According to the company, which has not detailed when it will launch these features Officially, he has stressed that this will serve to perfect the search for publications and that those that they like to see or are of interest appear.

Source: Europa Press


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