TechnologyInstagram tests group profiles, so that multiple users can share their content

Instagram tests group profiles, so that multiple users can share their content

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Instagram seeks to expand the possibilities of groups in the social network with the development of group profileswhich will allow several people to share their content in one place, and which are currently in testing.

The Communities is one of Meta’s great bets for its social networks. Announced first for WhatsApp, and later for Messenger and Facebook, they bring together in one place the conversation groups that revolve around a theme or a common social space, such as the children’s school or the activities of neighborhood associations.

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For a time the Communities were also seen on Instagramas he has already shared since March, and on several occasions, the reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi. The last that is known of them is that they have changed their name to Group Profiles.

Each community, or group profile, requires its own username and profile picture, as well as A description. Users can join as members or administrators, and the activity can be public or private.

From the screenshots shared by Paluzzi in August, it is known that members of a group profile can share posts and photos on itwhich will be visible to everyone in the event that it is a public group.

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Meta has confirmed this new feature and tests being carried out in Canada. “We are testing the ability to join a group profile and share stories, feed posts or reels with the members of the group, so that people can connect with others about their interests in a dedicated space,” a company spokesperson explained to Business Insider, and collected Europa Press.

Source: Europa Press


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