TechnologyInstagram abandons its 'live shopping' plans and bets on what it has always been: advertising

Instagram abandons its ‘live shopping’ plans and bets on what it has always been: advertising

He live shoppinga sort of teleshopping of the future, was to be the 2022 winner. Yet as giants like Amazon and TikTok battle to get to the next big e-commerce revolution first, Instagram (Meta) bets on a diametrically opposed strategy.

In Menlo Park, the headquarters of the technology giant led by Mark Zuckerberg, they have decided pause your plans live shoppinga tool integrated into Instagram that allows consumers to purchase products that influencers They advertise in real time.

This function was only available in the United States, but as of March —according to TechCrunch— will cease to exist. Meta prefers to focus its efforts on advertising—a business it has made enormous use of in the past decade—along with other integrated shopping features.

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TechCrunch It advances that Instagram will focus on its Shop ads and Advantage+ shopping campaigns advertising functions, whose objective is to improve the performance of advertisers’ advertising campaigns on their platforms.

However, even in the segment of online advertising, Instagram will have to face TikTok. In January, an investigation by Financial Timesrevealed the plan of the Chinese app to break with the digital advertising duopoly currently held by Google and Meta; offer cheaper advertising rates to advertisers.

The resignation to live shopping It comes after during 2022 Instagram has made a series of decisions highly criticized for the drift that the social network was taking.

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In its fight against TikTok to attract users, Instagram ended up imitating its rival and suffered a major identity crisis that caused its own users to demand that it return to being a social network and not so much a shopping center.

Due, Adam Mosseri, current CEO of Instagram, was forced to back down and acknowledged having gone too far in his commitment to the video format. And not only that, Instagram recently changed its interface.

The “buy” button, whose logo is a kind of bag, has disappeared and has been replaced by the button with the “add” symbol. That is, to create content, which returns to its original privileged site in the center of the screen.

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Until now, that place had been occupied by the “Reels” button, in an attempt by the social network because its users will engage in this short video format identical to what TikTok offers.

He live shopping is a phenomenon that in recent years has achieved huge popularity in china. However, in the West it has not yet taken off, although companies like TikTok and its TikTok Shop function or Amazon are betting heavily on this segment.

Enthusiasts of this new form of online commerce ensure that its potential lies in the connection that is generated between the presenter (who sells the product) and the consumer, since both can interact during the sale.


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