NewsLatin AmericaIncidents in Chile for the 49th anniversary of the coup against Allende leave at least two agents injured

Incidents in Chile for the 49th anniversary of the coup against Allende leave at least two agents injured

Barricades in Av Grecia, Santiago de Chile, on the 49th anniversary of Allende’s coup d’etat. – LUIS BOZZO / AGENCYUNO

At least two agents of the Carabineros de Chile have been injured in Santiago after the violent events that occurred within the framework of the commemoration of the 49th anniversary of the coup against Salvador Allende.

The Chilean authorities have added that three people are detained and eight commercial premises have been looted on Sunday night.

A spokesman for the soldiers, General Carlos Gonzalez Gallegos, explained that around 5,000 people have demonstrated peacefully. However, some hooded men, passing through the Government Palace, “threw innumerable incendiary elements against police personnel.”

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These elements correspond to Molotov-type incendiary bombs, blunt objects and fireworks,” according to the Biobio Chile portal.

“Taking advantage of the entry of a large part of the people who were demonstrating without any inconvenience, they broke into, attacked and robbed around eight commercial premises that are being registered,” he added.

Likewise, two police vehicles have been attacked by gunfire, although no agent has been injured in this attack. Some roads have been cut off after protesters have set up barricades.

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In addition, it has detailed that the people arrested are two individuals “for throwing incendiary objects at Carabineros and one for the Anti-barricade Law.”

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, has condemned the 9/11 incidents, indicating that “democracy is built through dialogue, respecting those who think differently, and never with violence.”

“If we want to get ahead, it has to be in peace and without violence,” he said, noting that “I wish everyone who claimed this day would understand it.”

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Thousands of people have paid tribute this Sunday to former President Salvador Allende, on the 49th anniversary of the military coup that overthrew his government in 1973 and established the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.

Source: Europa Press


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