LifestyleIf limescale comes out of the tap, this adaptable filter will save you hundreds of euros in bottled water

If limescale comes out of the tap, this adaptable filter will save you hundreds of euros in bottled water

Freshly filtered water is healthier and tastes better (or rather tastes like nothing). With this faucet, in addition, you can Save a lot of money.

To begin with, because you will stop resorting to polluting and expensive plastic bottles of mineral water and, also, because it now has a 33% discount on Amazon.

The BRITA On Tap is less than 47 euros. Is best selling faucet on amazon: for its price, because its installation is very simple and because it will allow you to enjoy purer water.


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As the manufacturer explains, they use filtration so powerful that it can reduce 99.99% of pesticides and herbicides that the water can carry.

Unlike chlorine, this activated carbon filter does not alter the taste of water. In addition, all the beneficial minerals are preserved, such as magnesium and calcium.


Installs easily It is compatible with standard faucets and includes five adapters. The manufacturer claims that you will not need any tools to place it.

It comes with a digital screen that shows the status of the filter at all times. So you will know when to change it. In any case, they ensure that a cartridge lasts up to 600 liters or 4 months.

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you can choose between three positions: filtered water, unfiltered water and unfiltered water in shower mode (because we don’t use water just for drinking).

More sustainable, purer

You can save a lot of bottled water, so you’ll be reducing the emission of plastics contaminants.

But, in addition, you will not only drink cleaner water. you can use it directly for cooking or washing food.

Bottled water is 3,500 times more harmful to the environment than tap water, according to a study by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health

Tap waterTap water

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In addition, the German firm BRITA also uses a very natural element to make its MAXTRA+ filters: they use natural coconut shells which, according to their data, improve the smell and taste of the water.

On Amazon it already accumulates almost 5,000 reviews and, if you read the comments, you will see that users recommend the product: it has a 4.4 star rating out of a maximum of 5 for a reason.


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