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    TechnologyI am one of the best content creators on OnlyFans and have sold almost 30,000 euros worth of NFTs in a month - I...

    I am one of the best content creators on OnlyFans and have sold almost 30,000 euros worth of NFTs in a month – I love having ownership of my content and I do not plan to leave Web3

    This article is based on a conversation with Elsa Jean, 26, creator of OnlyFans and coiner of NFT. The text has been edited for length and clarity.

    I’m inside the Top 1% OnlyFans Creatorswhich means that I earn more than the other 99%.

    I left my job in the adult film industry about a year ago. Afterwards, I had more time to explore my interests and I started coining NFTs in November 2022.

    An Elsa Jean NFT.

    I sold almost 30,000 euros in just one month, so I’ve seen the possibilities of Web3 and I don’t plan to leave it.

    I decided to launch my own NFTs to offer my followers something that had value and in which they could invest.

    I started by asking friends who were techies and people from Twitter for advice.

    He exclusive content that I offer to users is not available anywhere else. I also host virtual parties, make sure the videos are of the best quality, put voice memos and other things.

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    But my NFTs are limited and allow my followers to access exclusive content. They have a approximate price of 230 euros ($250) each.

    This is different from other Web2 platforms I use, such as onlyfanswhere users buy a monthly subscription. With NFTs, there are a limited number of items available and those who purchase them, they could sell them later and make money.

    NFTs help me take ownership of my own content

    I want other women to know that NFTs are different than what is normally generated on OnlyFans as you can have full ownership and control of the content you post.

    NFTs are verified, so people can’t just grab them. With other content that I have created on Web2 platforms, people steal it and Hang anywhere in seconds.

    But with Web3, the owners of my digital collectibles have less incentive to copy and share with the world my contents protected by tokens, because that devalues ​​the content and access that your NFT unlocks. This way, this keeps my content exclusive and gives it more value to those who invest in it.

    I especially enjoy creating NFT content because I am excited to have full ownership of something for the first time.

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    I helped my followers to learn how to use Web3

    When I released it, a lot of my fans were confused because they weren’t used to seeing me promote that kind of content. But, on the other hand, I discovered that they were very faithful and that they were interested in seeing me do something different.

    I brought many of my followers to the Web3 space for the first time. I did tutorials on how to open crypto wallets and how to verify NFTs as most of my followers didn’t know how to do it yet.

    It is important to know that this technology is increasingly easy to use. I think when NFTs first came out you couldn’t even use credit cards to make purchases, but now you can.

    I was excited and surprised by the support other women gave me

    Unfortunately, never in my life had I teamed up for anything with other women. But all of a sudden, they started supporting me on Twitter.

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    The truth is that when I got into the world of NFTs there were several people who were nervous about me launching my own digital items and they started attacking me.

    But the space women stood up for me and were really welcoming. Now I talk to them and I feel part of the community.

    I want to stay on Web3 for the long term

    I’m not worried about the cryptocurrency crisis. When things go down, it motivates me to work a little harder to turn things around. I don’t think NFTs are going to go down, I think they are here to stay, and I am with them.

    Right now I’m boosting the NFTs and promoting them a lot.

    I hope these exclusive articles will outgrow my other content pages. I also consider help manage other girls with their NFT releases.

    I really want people to know that I’m not going to make a rash pitch and run away with the money I’ve made from it. I want people to know that this is an investment for me and something that I am truly dedicated to.


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