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    NewsUSAHRW accuses the Biden Administration of using Trump's "guide" to deal with migrants at the border

    HRW accuses the Biden Administration of using Trump’s “guide” to deal with migrants at the border

    Stock image of Venezuelan migrants – Europa Press/Contact/David Peinado

    The NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused this Friday the Administration of US President Joe Biden of continuing to use former President Donald Trump’s “guide” to deal with migrants on the country’s southern border despite his promises about reverse the “abusive programs” of the previous tenant of the White House.

    The organization has indicated in a statement that, “despite the fact that Trump left the Presidency almost two years ago, it does not show if you try to seek asylum in the country through the border with Mexico.”

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    “Despite the promises to reverse these programs, the Administration continues to use many of these policies, which violates Human Rights in the United States,” the document pointed out, indicating that on Wednesday the Government stated that it would appeal a judicial decision on the “irreparable harm” caused to asylum seekers.

    HRW’s comments come after several media outlets have indicated that Biden is trying to reactivate another of Trump’s political criticisms of expulsions, the so-called “transit law”, which prohibits the majority of asylum seekers from Submit your paperwork.

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    “Continuing to rely on policies that criminalize migrants and block asylum seekers leads to greater loss of human life. Policies to stop migration fail and fail to stop these people (…) and force them to cross the area in even more dangerous ways,” he said.

    According to HRW, the United States Administration must “respect the right to seek asylum, create safe routes for migration and work to create humane policies that respect borders and do not put lives in danger.”

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