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How to take care of your hair at bedtime to prevent split ends and hair deterioration

There is constant talk about best hair care tipseither in summer so that it is not damaged by the action of external agents such as salt, chlorine, the sun, or some tips to shape it without using heat tools, suggestions on how much to wash it per week…

From the best masks to hydrate it, to the best combs to avoid splitting it, in terms of hair care Who doesn’t have a master’s degree is because they don’t want to, but… What happens when you go to sleep?

The normal thing is that at most you comb it and that’s it, the next morning you will fight against it, but the truth is that you can do a lot for your hair at bedtime, It will improve your health and appearance.

When should I wash my hair to maintain a healthy scalp without making it look greasy? This is what the experts say

wash your hairwash your hair

These are 6 tips on how to take care of your hair before going to sleep:

1. Always sleep with dry hair

girl dry hairgirl dry hair

If you can do something really useful for maintain the health of your hair is don’t sleep with wet hair.

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When the hair gets wet it becomes vulnerable and more fragile and when you sleep, the friction and tangles make the problem worse.

As explained by Max Stephens of The Sleep Checklist, the structure of the hair becomes more fragile when it is wet, since the water lifts the keratin scales that protect your hair. Always remember to dry it before.

2. Apply a scalp treatment

scalp serumscalp serum

The tendency to take care of (in addition to medium to ends) the scalp It is increasingly latent and there are already numerous serums to help this sensitive area of ​​the skin.

This type of serum has special formulas for this area of ​​the skin that is so specific and uncared for and does not have to leave your hair greasy as many people think, in fact there are many of them without an oil base.

Massaging and stimulating the scalp area can even encourage hair growth and improve your appearance.

3. Hydrate it

person moisturizing their hairperson moisturizing their hair

Take time to pamper your hair at bedtime so before brushing and after applying the scalp serum, also hydrates and cares for your ends.

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Use a moisturizer that works well for you, remember to separate the hair into sections so that all areas are hydrated equally and you are not applying the product superficially.

4. Comb it


This step will depend on your hair type because some people with very curly hair, for example, prefer not to comb it to preserve the natural shape of their curls.

if you have the fine hair with a tendency to tangle It is best that you untangle it before going to sleep because it is normal for the problem to worsen at night.

Use a wide-toothed comb whenever you can, first combing from the mid-lengths to the ends and then the entire hair from above.

5. Pick it up loosely or wear a silk cap

silk capsilk cap

One of the best tricks so that the hair does not suffer at nightafter untangling it, is to collect it in a braid with a silk elastic (type scrunchies) that does not tighten too much.

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This way you will make sure that no more tangles at night and that there is not so much friction of the hair with the sheets and the pillow.

To take care of it even more you can sleeping with hair tied up in a silk cap that will guarantee less impact of the hair against the pillow and less movement. In addition, experts explain that it can increase brightness and? Provides more softness and texture to the hair.

6. Use silk pillowcases

silk pillowcasesilk pillowcase

Finally, if you don’t get used to sleeping with a silk cap, opt for pillowcases made of this fabric.

This very soft fabric will prevent the hair from tangling and drying out, thus preventing hair loss. Also, according to the Balmain Hair team for Voguesomething as simple as switching to this material helps control oily scalp.

Yes, it must be natural silk, uncolored and unbleached. As explained in Vogue, the peptides of this silk contain amino acids that activate seboregulatory factors (SRF) capable of normalizing, within a natural process, the secretion of oil from the scalp.


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