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    How to Get Cherry Blossoms Early in Minecraft

    Minecraft In the 1.20 update you can play a lot of new things, including a new biome called the Cherry Blossom biome. As its name suggests, this biome is characterized by cherry blossom trees with iconic pink leaves. It also introduces a new cherry wood collection with light pink blocks and materials. If you want to get cherry blossoms officially Minecraft Update version 1.20, that’s how it’s done.

    How to get Minecraft 1.20 snapshot

    make sure you are correct Minecraft Edition. Otherwise, the new cherry blossom biome will not appear in the game. This is how the experiment starts. Minecraft Snapshot 1.20 before the full update is released:

    1. Open the Minecraft launcher.
    2. Select the Installation tab (either java version EITHER Minecraft for Windows/base) and select the Snapshots check box.
      • If there is no option to verify the snapshot, create a new installation by first pressing the green Install button.
    3. Click on the latest snapshot and press Play.
    4. Now after creating the new world, go to the data packs, move update_1_20 and bundle the selected files.

    How to Get Cherry Blossoms in Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot

    How to Get Cherry Blossoms Early in Minecraft

    According to various social media posts and other sources, the cherry blossom biome is found in mountains, similar to grove biomes. However, snow does not appear on top of the mountains. In creative mode, you can easily see pink trees inside green and/or white mountains while flying. In general, bees, black rabbits, cows, pigs, and sheep can lay eggs in the cherry blossom biome.

    In addition to finding one manually, you can also use the locate command to find them. Simply type the command “/locate cherry_grove biome” (without the quotes) and the game will tell you the closest biome to your location.

    Finally, Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot allows you to create a bioactive world when you create one, which means you can instantly create a world full of cherry blossoms. Open the Create New World menu, enable the Update 1.20 option, go to the World tab, change the World Type to Unique Biome, and select the Custom option. From there, you can choose Cherry Grove to create a world full of cherry blossoms.

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    Minecraft Available on PC, Android, iOS, xbox one, Xbox Series X|S, nintendo switch and playstation sites


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