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How to appeal a speeding ticket: 5 valid excuses for the DGT

Fines for speeding are some of the most expensive you can get: up to 600 euros and the loss of 6 points on the driving license in the most serious cases.

This is because it is a dangerous and very common violation on the roads. Driving at high speed can cause you to lose control and cause a traffic accident.

The DGT is aware of this and uses the best tools to hunt down drivers who break the law, for example, the radars it has on the roads.

In addition, appealing a traffic ticket and having them agree with you is not easy, since you will have to allege an error by the DGT.

In the event that you have received a fine and you think it is unfair, you should know that there is an option to claim it, as long as you have the appropriate justifications.

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Below are shown 5 reasons why you can appeal a speeding ticket, as detailed in ADSLZone.

Defects of form in the sanction

Driver collects a parking ticket

Form errors in the fine can free you from it. Of course, you must read it carefully to detect them.

Some of these failures are: that the DNI is incorrect, that your name or surnames have been misspelled, and most importantly, that the vehicle identification data is erroneous.

The latter is the one that will prove you right in many cases, since it is proof that the DGT has confused your car with another and that as a driver you respected the law.

The 2 photos do not appear in the complaint

Surprised man, with bill/fineSurprised man, with bill/fine

Tickets for speeding are always accompanied by 2 images that are essential to be able to penalize you.

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2 frames of your car taken at different times should appear. One shows the vehicle and another the identification plate. This serves to save the margins of error of the radars.

If both photos do not appear, the DGT cannot ensure that you have broken the law.

The radar was in bad shape

speed cameraspeed camera

If you are convinced that you have not broken the law, it is possible that the DGT has fined you for a mistake in the radar.

These traffic offenses are typical in winter and the DGT can fine you up to 600 euros

These errors are due to poor maintenance of the cinemometerswhich if they are not checked frequently end up wearing out.

Radar margin of error

A radar controlling the speedA radar controlling the speed

The radars jump only when you have exceeded the margin by at least 7 kilometers per hour.

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This is due to the margin of error that these tools have, which are incapable of making exact measurements.

If the tolerance thresholds fail, you have the possibility of having your fine removed or reduced. For this, it is necessary to demonstrate that the photos taken by the radar are not sufficient to apply the margin of error. This happens, for example, when the vehicle was not driving parallel to the radar.

Contradictions in the sanction

An angry man after receiving a traffic ticketAn angry man after receiving a traffic ticket

There are times when the fines can fall into contradictions. For example, If you have been fined for driving at 90 kilometers per hour on a road where the maximum was 100.

This is not very common, but you should review the sanction carefully to make sure that there are no contradictions.


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