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    HealthHow can you contaminate a salmonellosis tortilla? So you can detect the risk in bars and restaurants

    How can you contaminate a salmonellosis tortilla? So you can detect the risk in bars and restaurants

    The omelette It is an emblem of national gastronomy and the perfect accompaniment for morning coffee if tomato bars are not your thing. Making it perfect carries its tricks, as well as your own preferences. The debate is not only onion yes or no, they are also those who prefer the egg to drip in front of those who assure that better well curdled.

    However, if you belong to the first camp and are a fan of the semi-liquid version, style Betanzosyou should know that Eating undercooked potato omelette is dangerous to health.

    The most current example, the food poisoning suffered by more than 100 customers in the restaurant dani house from Madrid. Several people were hospitalized for a solomonellosis outbreak after supposedly consuming this dish, very popular at the well-known restaurant in the Salamanca district.

    But, What could have happened for the plate to be contaminated? Why is it not safe to eat the potato tortilla undercooked?

    The egg is the key and it should always be fresh, otherwise it can lead to food poisoning.

    He Egg is a food that can be dangerous to eat if it is not in good condition. Therefore, it is essential to always consume it fresh. Otherwise it may cause food poisoningsuch as a Salmonella infection, just like the one generated at Casa Dani.

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    Knowing if an egg is in good condition is apparently not that simple. It is also a food that does not last as long in the pantry as the rest. According to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) they can be consumed up to 28 days after laying.

    It is advised to buy eggs with shell intact and keep them in the fridge, yes, without washing them before. The yolk should be clear and consistent, otherwise it is better to discard it.

    When handling it, it is not never advisable to crack the egg on the edge of the platewell the Salmonella bacteria may be present on the shell and contamination could occur if the tortilla is later cooked or served on the same plate.

    Symptoms of salmonellosis include nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or fever. The incubation period can occur between 6 and 72 hours after ingestion of the contaminated food.

    An undercooked tortilla is less cooked and therefore carries more microbiological danger

    Making sure that food is properly cooked can prevent salmonellosis outbreaks. In the case of the egg, it must be cooked at more than 75ºC to eliminate the most resistant bacteria it may contain.

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    What about the undercooked tortilla? That to make it juicy it must be cooked at a lower temperature, since the yolk sets at around 65-70ºC. Hence an omelette that is not curdled will carry a greater risk of poisoning since it has not reached the safe cooking temperature.

    However, in bars and restaurants until recently the law required that the egg be cooked at a minimum of 75ºC. Otherwise it turned out It is mandatory to replace the egg with pasteurized egg products, that is, the famous egg.

    Do not keep cold or consume after a few days is not advisable

    Although it is common to see tortilla exposed on the bar counter, this does not help to avoid food risks. If due to human error or carelessness all of the above has occurred and it is left the plate at room temperature the result is a stack of salmonellosis raffle tickets.

    To reduce risks, the tortilla must be stored refrigerated, below 8 °C. At higher temperatures, bacteria have it much easier to start multiplying without brake.

    although his is to consume it immediatelywithin a maximum period of 24 hours, although the best thing would be to take it at the moment, after being cooked.

    What does the law in Spain say about eggs in bars and restaurants?

    Royal Decree 1021/2022 regulates hygiene and the use of certain foods in retail trade. This was updated last December 2022. According to the new regulations, in Spain bars and restaurants can use raw eggs as long as a minimum temperature is reachede 70 °C for 2 seconds in the center of the product or similar conditions.

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    Based on this, it is clear that these foods can never be used to preparations such as mayonnaise, sauces or other types of preparations in which cooking is not carried out.

    As to whether or not you can using eggs to make the Spanish potato omelette in restaurants, The standard also states that they may be used in those foods that are subjected to a heat treatment where a temperature of 63 °C for 20 seconds in the center of the product and served for immediate consumption. Here are included fried eggs, omelettes or other similar preparations.

    In the rest of the products that do not meet one of these 2 conditions, it will continue to be mandatory to use egg products from authorized establishments. what is known as roguecolloquial term to refer to liquid egg that has been pasteurized to eliminate possible germs and bacteria, including Salmonella.


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