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How bad is it to have a coffee when you have a hangover?

Diarrhea, fatigue, nausea, tremors and a terrible headache These are the classic hangover symptoms that lead you the next day to swear never to drink again.

The only way to control these terrible effects, as much as they promise you, is containment. Or put more clearly: control yourself by drinking.

Alcohol affects your body in multiple ways, so the causes of a hangover are as varied as the discomfort it generates. So there is no single miracle cure.

If you’ve been drinking too much, it’s time to bear the terrible consequences, but Can that energetic cup of coffee that gets you up every morning be a helping hand or make you feel even worse?

Does coffee help with a hangover?

Alcohol makes you urinate more. Which, added to hangover symptoms such as vomiting, sweating or diarrhea can lead to some dehydration.

In addition, drinking “slows down the release of antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin), which keeps hydration levels balanced,” emergency physician James Roach explains to the Cleveland Clinic. Coffee is also a diuretic, so it’s not going to help you much, “rather it’s going to slow down the rehydration process.”

On the other hand, the caffeine narrows blood vessels and increases blood pressure. “Both things can make a hangover worse,” he says in an interview with the American chain CNN research scientist John Brick. That way, the horrible pounding inside your head could be amplified, Roach agrees.

Thus, Coffee is not recommended too much when you’re hungover. Although there is an exception. According to both specialists, if you are very used to taking it, not doing so can give you a headache, due to caffeine withdrawal syndrome.

If you drink coffee regularly, you can try a very small amount in the morning. Wait 30 to 60 minutes and see how you feel,” Brick advises.



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