GamingHogwarts Legacy has very bad news for its fans

Hogwarts Legacy has very bad news for its fans

What is happening with Hogwarts Legacy? The new Harry Potter video game does not have good news for all its players.

Hogwarts Legacy has very bad news for its fans. Despite being one of the biggest titles this year, game director Alan Tew recently said that there is no DLC planned at this time. The open-world game is quickly becoming one of the best-selling video games of the year and will possibly mark a before and after in the industry. That’s what makes this announcement a bit surprising. However, the Harry Potter video game already currently offers players plenty of high-quality content to keep them entertained. And the possibility of future DLC is not entirely ruled out, despite what they have claimed.

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There will be no DLC for the Harry Potter video game

Many disappointed fans thought that a DLC or expansion for Hogwarts Legacy that could include Quidditch was being secretly developed and would be added soon. While this isn’t happening yet, the game is still very new, having just been released earlier this month. Perhaps that project could be picked up at a later date.. Right now, however, the news that the game’s DLC isn’t working is hard for gamers to take.

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During IGN Fan Fest, Hogwarts Legacy Headmaster Alan Tew essentially said that no expansions or DLC planned due to how much they’ve had to do to perfect the core game. “We have been very focused on bringing this title to life, so at the moment there are no plans to develop a DLC,” said Alan Tew. So, we will have to keep waiting for Quidditch or dream that they will change their minds soon. Be that as it may, we must be patient.

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