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    Technology'Hogwarts Legacy' grosses more than 800 million euros in sales despite the boycott against JK Rowling

    ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ grosses more than 800 million euros in sales despite the boycott against JK Rowling

    Hogwart’s Legacythe highly anticipated Warner Bros. Discovery video game inspired by the world of Harry Potter is selling much faster than expected.

    The communication giant has announced that the title has already sold more than 12 million copies, representing a total of 850 million dollars, about 802 million euros at the current exchangeHe, in his first 2 weeks of life.

    A fact that places it as the best global launch that Warner Bros. Games has had in its life.

    Such has been the success of the game that last Thursday, David Zaslav, CEO of the company, said that the video game business it is now “a central part” of its overall strategy.

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    “Consumer response has been overwhelmingly positive,” he continues, referring to the enormous success of Hogwart’s Legacy.

    The game, which creates an entirely new story based on the Harry Potter universe, has not been without controversy due to the current controversy surrounding JK Rowling, author of the original work.

    The author has opposite openly to the legislation on gender recognition and in 2020 he left on his blog some statements that lit the fuse, since he gave “reasons to be concerned about the new trans activism”.

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    Many have called his comments transphobic, and movie stars such as Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have denounced his stance.

    Many players have criticized the release of Hogwart’s Legacy in the wake of Rowling’s comments. Earlier this month, NBCNews reported that nearly 300 LGBTQ and related gamers have started a protest against the game on Twitch.

    The Warner Bros game page specifies that JK Rowling has not been involved in the game’s creation. Of course, they clarify that they have collaborated with her team in all aspects of the game to ensure that she maintains the line of magical experiences that fans expect.

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