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    HealthHLA Inmaculada Granada becomes the only hospital in Eastern Andalusia with a thoracic medicine unit

    HLA Inmaculada Granada becomes the only hospital in Eastern Andalusia with a thoracic medicine unit

    Medical excellence and a high quality of service and assistance are the fundamental pillars that HLA Immaculate has forged in the last decade, in which the hospital center It has positioned itself as a benchmark for health in Andalusia and is considered the most important in the province of Granada.

    HLA Immaculate It has become the only hospital in eastern Andalusia that has all the medical specialties, a condition that endorses it as a bulwark of the Nasrid province in the area of ​​medicine. The HLA Grouphas been in charge of adding the best medical professionals, who will have the best tools and the most sophisticated technological equipment to offer an incomparable health service in Granada.

    the bet of HLA Immaculate is very clear and its new thoracic medicine unit demonstrates this by incorporating three of the best doctors in this discipline, who will be in charge of directing this unit, which is the only one in all of Eastern Andalusia.

    The doctors Francisco Fernández, Immaculate Stone and Florencio Quero they talked to Grenada Today to tell us about your new addition to the HLA project. “We have opted for this hospital thanks to its technology, but above all, because of the environment in this medical center. This is a very important factor, since a surgery as complex as ours requires the follow-up of other services, such as oncology, pulmonology, anesthesiology, and intensive care. That is what allows you to have the best results, if we did not have the hospital support that HLA offers you, we would not be able to carry out this type of surgery ”, he tells us Dr. Florencio Querowho also explains to us what thoracic surgery is.

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    “It is a medical discipline that deals above all with the study and treatment of chest diseases. The most prevalent and frequent are; lung cancer, lung metastasis, emphysema, mediastinal tumors, among other pathologies that affect the quality of life of patients such as hyperhidrosis of the hands and armpits”.

    A fundamental part of obtaining good results in this type of treatment is the technological progress that medicine has had in recent years. Dr. Quero understands that this fact has been relevant. “There has been enormous development in the specialty of minimally invasive surgeries, our job right now is to operate on patients 100 percent that method. It leads to a faster recovery of the patient, less painful, less inflammatory, the patient can be more instantly incorporated into his usual life, it has enormous advantages. It is also less hospitalization time. Thoracic surgery has gone from being effective, but with a slow recovery to a just as practical, but with faster recoveries.”

    He Dr. Florencio Quero He was born in Jaén, but has always been linked to Granada. “I studied at the UGR. We have a long journey in thoracic surgery, in the field of research, of teaching, that is a component of the three services that we offer within our great trajectory, both healthcare, professional and researcher. We have participated and are in relevant positions in the scientific society of thoracic surgery in Spain. Some time ago I belonged to your board of directors, we continue to work in working groups, we have a research side that helps us to improve the results of surgery”. The team that I form together with the Dr. Inmaculada Piedra and Dr. Francisco Hernándezhas a very long history of more than 10 years of all professionals. We have great surgical experience, with a great baggage and that allows us to face a highly complex surgery such as pneumonectomy, trachea, pleural mesothelioma, extremely complex surgeries. The fact of being a team facilitates the work and that these types of interventions can be carried out”.

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    Dr. Inmaculada Piedra also told us that “we have a common trajectory because we have done the training period together. We have known each other since we began the specialty and I think that this provides a fairly unified way of acting, both surgically and thinking. We have the same vision of things and that facilitates coordinated teamwork that works well, apart from the good relationship that the three of us have of course”.

    For his part, Dr. Francisco Hernandez He highlighted that for them the evolutionary transition was quite easy because “it is a very broad specialty and I think it has everything, an oncological part, the repair part, it is very broad and you will never want to progress because it is infinite almost. It is one of the most complete surgeries that there is, along with the general one, and it has a huge field of action. We have lived and starred in the change from the old to the new. We weren’t as used to the classic as other doctors who have been filming doing the same thing for many years and that costs you more work. We have experienced the birth of that and we have known it since it came out, that has helped us to adapt. We have made history together, we are a team of three who think alike”.

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    HLA Immaculate has become the only hospital with this specialty in all of Eastern Andalusia, but it is important to emphasize that all patients who are in Jaen, Almeria and Malaga and have private insurance They can be treated at the Granada medical center and will be able to access all the services that the hospital has.


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