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    Technology"Highly Maneuverable" UFOs Seem to Defy Physics, According to a Study by Harvard and Pentagon Experts

    “Highly Maneuverable” UFOs Seem to Defy Physics, According to a Study by Harvard and Pentagon Experts

    “Highly Maneuverable” UFOs Seem to Defy Physics, According to a Study by Harvard and Pentagon Experts

    The UFOs They are one of the unknowns that cause the most interest among the population. The mysterious origin of these UFOs It has given rise to a large number of theories that have not yet been verified. Almost all of them also have to do with possible extraterrestrial creatures.

    after successive high profile UFO sightings, which are now being investigated by the Pentagon, it has been concluded that the numbers do not add up. This has been made known by the director of the Office for the Resolution of All Domains Anomalies, Sean Kirpatrick, together with the Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb.

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    The new findings, published in a study that has yet to be reviewed, not only talk about how curious it is that an extraterrestrial intelligence have decided to visit this planet. The most relevant conclusions of the investigation focus on the physics involved in sightings.

    Both scientists have observed the friction that should have been created between a fast moving UFO and its surrounding elementlike air or water, as happens in the videos that the Pentagon had previously released.

    The definitive answer about UFOs is getting closer: NASA begins a new study on this phenomenon

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    However, “Highly Maneuverable” UFO sightings have not followed the laws of physics as such, since the resulting friction should have created a “brilliant fireball”. As a result of this, a detectable radio signature on radar should also have been appreciated. None of these things has happened this time.

    It might seem that aliens use technology superior to that of humans capable of avoiding radars, and even using frictionless materials unknown to humanity, but the answer to this mystery is much simpler: the observation instruments that had been used were not the correct ones.

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    “The lack of all these signatures could imply inaccurate distance measurements“, have written the researchers as collected by Futurism. “Typical sightings are too far away to get a high-resolution image of the object.”

    The Harvard astronomer has been at the center of public opinion several times for his numerous comments regarding the existence of aliens. Loeb has gone so far as to suggest that there could be millions of alien spacecraft in the Solar System, in fact, he has insisted that the mysterious asteroid Oumuamua it could have been an alien probe.


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